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A-to-B – GPS Turn By Turn Navigation for Windows Phone 7

XDA member Aaron McCarthy let us know about this GPS tool for your Windows Phone 7 device. A-to-B, as
it´s name indicates, is a Turn-by-Turn application built to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ArcGIS API. You won´t be able to do much with it as it´s on “demo” state by now but you may see some upcoming development along the same line. The application features 3D view, zoom in/out” buttons, 2D Map for browsing, supporting pinching, panning etc, and pick new destination by touch’n’hold on the map. You can get it for free on the market.
If you find it interesting, please leave your feedback.

Originally posted by Aaron McCarthy
A-to-B (GPS turn by turn Navigation – FREE!!!)[MOD EDIT: READ MY POST!]

Just found this on the marketplace and I have to say… pretty awesome. This is what WP7 was missing. Although its clearly in the beta stage it is pretty good for a V 1.0.

A-to-B is a Turn-by-Turn application built to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ArcGIS API for Windows Phone. Warning: The application is meant for demonstration purposes only! Do not rely solely on the suggested routes or instructions given by this application. Features: – Turn-by-turn routing. Sound notification when a turn is coming up. – Add often used destinations as favorites. – List of recent destinations. – “3D view” when in navigation mode with easy accessible “zoom in/out” buttons. – 2D Map for browsing the map supporting pinching, panning etc, and pick new destination by touch’n’hold on the map. – Easy accessible “Recalculate” button if you go off the route and need a new route from your current location (because of service restrictions, the app is not allowed to do this automatically). – Routes all over US (support for Europe coming in a future version). – Worldwide map (detail may vary).

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