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Access Your Apps from Any App with GYF Side Launcher

Android has consistently added features for everyone’s convenience. Things such as lock screen widgets, revamped quick settings, and more have been added to allow users to do more things with fewer clicks. However, there is still one task that has remained the same. That is opening a new app. Without the use of add-ons, users still have to navigate back to the home screen to launch the next app. It’s not an overly long process, but now there is a way to make it shorter.

XDA Recognized Developer cyansmoker has released an early beta of a launcher called GYF. It’s not a launcher in the typical sense. It allows users to open a window from the left side of the screen that contains all of the apps on the device. So instead of going back to the home screen and opening the app drawer, users can open any application from anywhere. Here is cyansmoker’s description:

It’s a launcher. It allows you to launch your apps from anywhere. It’s inspired from others’ work. I hope you find it helpful.
Note that it’s an early beta release so it may not work very well on your device.

How it works is it keeps a launcher hidden off the left side of the screen. You can slide from the left side in, and the app drawer opens right there. Some users have reported it working, but as stated, it is an early beta. In other words, don’t expect it to work terribly well yet.

To give it a shot, check out the original thread.

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