David Watt · Aug 16, 2012 at 01:30 am

Alternative Input Methods: Wave Control & MouSense

Developers are forever coming up with more original and unique uses for smartphone. The main focus of development of course aimed at extracting the most OUT of the phone. But there a number of developers who are working on the opposite end of the spectrum—trying to maximize the benefit of the various input buttons and sensors found on most modern smartphones. In the ever growing world of automation and hands free technology, less is more. The less effort required to perform a task, the better. Two such examples of this train of thought currently in development on XDA are Wave Control and MouSense.

XDA Senior Member MarksThinkTank has developed Wave Control, an app that utilizes your phones proximity sensor as a way to replicate various input controls. Wave Control uses 4 basic gestures—hover, 1 wave, 2 waves, or 3 waves—to map to a number of different input functions. By default, they correspond to standard audio playback controls, play/pause, next, previous and enable/disable. Other options are available such as screen on/off, volume up/down and call options.

The minimal interaction opportunity the app provides is ideal for phone control while driving, while at the gym, working with dirty hands or simply working at your desk. Development is ongoing and there are plans for enabling a number of profiles to be stored. The developer also states they are open to suggestions for other actions to be mapped.

XDA Senior Member donlk has gone one step further and reduced the need for the use of anything but your head as an input. MouSense is a hands free application that utilizes your phone’s front facing camera to track your head movements and convert them to movement of an on screen mouse cursor. The free version is merely a basic demo designed to showcase the the ability of the full product, which includes clicking and other options. The app is still in development, and the dev team are looking for testers to try it and provide feedback, error logs, and crash reports.

Both of these apps are perfect examples of how developers are thinking outside the box and coming up with more creative uses for otherwise standard hardware sensors—pushing beyond the limits of the original intentions of the device, all to the benefit of the end user.

If either of these apps grab your interest, head over to the Wave Control thread or the MouSense thread.

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David Watt

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