mic_888 · May 14, 2010 at 02:31 pm

andJUMBLE! Word Scramble Game for Android

If you’ve got an eye for detail and you’re good at anagrams, try out “andJUMBLE!” a word scramble game by XDA forum member jkhouw1. This game started out as a project borne out of curiosity, the goal was to find out how difficult it would be to create multiplayer games and it’s jkhouw1’s debut application.

andJUMBLE! is a word scramble game that jumbles the letters – and you solve for the word.  It’s a basic concept, but it works. jkhouw1 states that andJUMBLE! comprises a dictionary of over 60,000 words where the player can set play options such as word size and game length.

andJUMBLE! also features bluetooth, network online head to head play as well as the ability to create your own word database for use as standalone or in conjunction with the system database.

The game is currently in (expiring) beta and can be downloaded from the Market for free.

jkhouw1 has asked for feedback – check out the application thread for more information.

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