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Android BBQ Speakers – AdamOutler and Connexion2005 – A Quick Bio

We are quickly approaching the big event boys and girls. These are the last few days until the Big Android BBQ takes place and where people from this community and others will ditch their keyboards and talk face to face. This will be a place for phones, tablets, development, friendly OT banter, and most of all, to learn new and exciting things about the world of Android. As you are probably aware, xda-developers is one of the sponsors of the event, and as such we have sourced some of our own people to participate on the event, not simply as attendees but actively as speakers. If you have ever gotten close to a Samsung Galaxy device, you will likely know the two people that we are about to mention here: AdamOutler and Connexion2005. Both of these devs are extremely well versed in the hidden arts of JTAG and electronic hardware manipulation. You have likely used their work if you own a Captivate and had trouble with it, or if you have used Heimdall to flash the latest roms to your SGS. These devs weer kind enough to provide small bios of their past doings, which reveal a little more about what they know and how they got to the point at which they are right now.

Name: Adam Outler

 XDA Name: AdamOutler

Has attended Electronics schools at Sheppard Air Force Base, and Huntsville  Alabama, as well as several manufacturer specific training programs. 


Has over 15 years of electronics experience including Satellite, Radar and Biomedical Technology. Is a civil service BMET, A big open-source advocate A member of Team Komin and Team HummingMod. Has contributed to development of Heimdall and The Bus Pirate.


He wrote his first computer program at 9 years old. Some of his more recent releases are:


Heimdall One-Click

Mode Detect

One-Click UnBrick

And UnBrickable Mod

His work has been featured multiple times on XDA-Developers and XDA-TV, PC-World, Slatedroid, Dangerous Prototypes and Hackaday

Name: Josh Groce

 XDA Name: Connexion2005

Education: 2 Year Associates Degree in Applied Science w/ Major in Computer Information Technology

Early Career: Served as a lead Systems Administrator from age 20 to 24 for KBSI a company performing R&D Software Design for the Military, NASA and the US Government as well as IDEF tools for leading manufacturing companies.

Current Career: Owner and Founder of MobileTechVideos.COM the world’s online leader in JTAG repair for mobile devices.


Innovated WORLD’S FIRST JTAG repair solutions for the Samsung Infuse 4G, the Droid Charge and collaborated with Riff TEAM to help produce the i9100 JTAG solution for Cortex A9 devices. Currently he is working to produce solutions for many other top models including the Samsung Fascinate and all expected forms of the American Galaxy S II models as well as the Motorola Atrix 4G.

Both of these developers will be speaking live on Saturdays’ plenary lectures, so if you were interested in listening to their stories and basically learning a bit more about this dangerous game of JTAG, now is the perfect chance to do it (assuming that you were able to get tickets, that is).

We hope that you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the lives of our devs and we look forward to seeing you at the BBQ!

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