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Add Power Button Functionality to Your Xperia’s Status Bar

Add Power Button Functionality to Your Xperia’s Status Bar

Android is a powerful platform due its various customization possibilities. Practically everything can be modified and pushed back to the device, hence the countless numbers of custom ROMs available in the XDA forums. But there are some things that do not require you to change the ROM, as you can modify them on your own and add them to almost every ROM. Of course you can use Xposed Framework for this, but APKTool can do things a bit different and playing with code is often more educational.

One thing that can be added in this manner is a virtual power button in your status bar, which can be activated by tapping on your clock icon. To add this to your favorite ROM, you should download the newest APKTool and follow a guide written by XDA Senior Member dipesh1502.┬áIn this guide, the process of adding a power button to your status bar is thoroughly explained. There are also images illustrating each step so that you don’t get lost.

After the modification has been made, you should be able to power off the screen by tapping the status bar clock. You can also add a few useful options that pop up when you actually press your physical power button. This is very useful if your power button acts abnormally or you preferring to have everything easily accessible from your screen. The modification should work on every Xperia phone with Android 4.3.

The guide can be found in the original thread, so make your way there to learn more.

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