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Automate Your Device Settings on a Per-App Basis with µTask

Automate Your Device Settings on a Per-App Basis with µTask

Our mobile devices nowadays have dozens upon dozens of user-modifiable settings to play with. Unfortunately, however, not all of the settings are ideal in every situation. For example, if you load up Netflix, you may want to make sure that you’re on WiFi or that your screen brightness is turned to an acceptable level. And if you’re firing up a graphically intensive game, you probably want to turn up your clocks.

Luckily, there are several ways to automate your device settings under certain circumstances. Obviously, you could use a scripting program like Tasker, but that’s often a bit complicated for casual users. Luckily, there are certain dedicated apps to configure your device to your liking when entering apps like the previously covered App Config. But what if you need something a bit more powerful to adjust root-level parameters like your overclock settings? Thanks to µTask by XDA Recognized Developer sybiload, this is now possible.

When you first fire up µTask, you’re greeted with a menu that displays available profiles. From there, you can create or modify existing profiles, configuring settings like brightness, media volume, mobile data, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth on a per-app basis. However, if you’re rooted, you can also configure the profiles to switch CPU governors and frequencies, IO scheduler, and many other parameters.

To get started with per-app settings automation, head over to the application thread and give µTask a shot.

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