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Build Your Own Charging Dock from Lego Bricks

Build Your Own Charging Dock from Lego Bricks

What do your smartphone and Legos have in common? You might reply “nothing,” and you are most likely right. But if you wish to be proven wrong, XDA is the place for you. We recently saw a strange mashup of a hockey puck and a Qi charger, and now we have another strange, yet ingenious charging solution to present from the forums.

XDA Forum Member UsernameWasTaken¬†constructed a charging dock made of Lego bricks and USB cable. The construction isn’t overly complicated, and can be replicated by practically anyone. Furthermore, the OP was kind enough to share the guide, along with steps and pictures, so everyone can learn how to stack the bricks to achieve the desired goal. The guide was originally designed for LG Optimus 4X HD, but with little modification, it can be retrofitted to work with all smartphones or even tablets.

The end result can be seen in the image to your right. Impressive, huh? All you need is Lego set, some time, and information from the original thread.

[Thanks to XDA Forum Moderator laufersteppenwolf for the tip!]

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