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Check the Time with Style Thanks to Ws83′s Clock Widgets Collection

Check the Time with Style Thanks to Ws83′s Clock Widgets Collection

The stock Android clock widget is boring. Everything is white, like the snow outside my window, but Android should be full of colors! Luckily, here at XDA you can find hundreds or even thousands of UI modifications so that we can tailor our home screens exactly to our liking.

If you still use the stock clock widget and are looking for something fancy, you should check the clock widget collection by XDA Forum Moderator and Recognized Developer – wildstang83, who created a set of over 20 different clocks. The widget set offers a wide variety of choices, such as really simple and beautiful clocks, fancy looking Holo-styled clocks, and even clocks modeled after those seen on supercars.

The widgets are fully resizeable, and obviously don’t require root. All you need to do is install the widget and select it in your widget drawer. Adding them to your home screen is not everything, though,¬†as these clocks can also be used on your lock screen, and nothing prevents you to use more than one at the same time.

You can check out the impressive collection in the original thread. It’s a good time to send old stock clock into early retirement. Have you found one that’s your favorite? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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