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Control Your Mac from Your Android Device with Mac.remote

Control Your Mac from Your Android Device with Mac.remote

Unlike Apple’s iOS, Mac OS X is quite a viable choice, even for power users. And thanks to full terminal access, it’s even the platform of choice for many Android application, ROM, and kernel devs. As such, it’s always nice to see Android-based tools that play nicely with Mac OS X.

About a year ago, we covered an extremely useful Android application developed by XDA Forum Member mushrom. The aptly titled Mac Remote allows users to control media playback on their Mac computers from the comfort of their Android-powered devices. But part of the beauty of Android is choice. And as such, it’s always nice to see multiple solutions to any particular problem.

XDA Junior Member qbait created the similarly titled application, Mac.remote. This app offers much of the same functionality as mushrom’s offering, but with a few differences. For starters, it offers a bit more in the way of customization, as well as a remarkably modern looking user interface, complete with support for Android’s new slideout hamburger menu. The control key interface also follows the same usage paradigms as iTunes, whereby long clicking “next track” will fast forward. Finally, the app allows you to control multiple devices, without the need to re-enter each IP manually.

You can learn more about Mac.remote by visiting its project thread in the forums. And while you’re at it, also give the previously covered Mac Remote a try as well. Both are great options, and you can’t go wrong with either!

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