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Convert Units Easily with HoloConvert

Convert Units Easily with HoloConvert

The discussion of which measurement system is better is longstanding, and there’s no “right” answer. The truth is that people from the old continent need to know some basics about miles, inches, pounds; and people from the UK and USA need to know a bit about metric. Otherwise, some misunderstandings will undoubtedly occur.

The popularity of Android devices may save some time for those who don’t know much about other systems of measurement. XDA Forum Member AggieDev wrote a nice looking, Holo-styled and very functional application to easily convert units between these two systems. The list of units that the app can convert is very long, and past problems in estimating length or weight will be nonexistent in no time.

The application also lets you change its theme. Currently, light and dark color schemes are available. You can also add custom units, so this app is prepared for almost everything. Units are categorized in two lists. The first one is a main category. where you can choose the basic category, and then a sub-category that narrows down the search results.

Get rid of your units misunderstandings by going to the application thread and downloading the latest version of the APK. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and ideas.

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