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Easily Add Home and Lock Buttons to Your Samsung Galaxy S II’s Status Bar

Easily Add Home and Lock Buttons to Your Samsung Galaxy S II’s Status Bar

Starting out on XDA Developers as a newbie can be pretty daunting. With the nearly limitless possibilities with we can do with our Android devices, it can be quite hard to decide just where and how to start your developing journey. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S II and you find yourself in such situation, it might be a good idea to start off with the more basic tweaks. One simple, yet useful modification to get your started may be learning how to add home and lock buttons to your Galaxy S2′s status bar.

Written by XDA Senior Member corruptionfreeindia, the tutorial provides a necessary foundation for your modding journey by teaching you the basics of APK and XML editing with the steps of adding home and lock buttons to the status bar. The guide is simple and brief, but certainly does not skip out on any details, so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.

If you follow the tutorial step-by-step, you’ll end up with the home button on the left of the status bar, and the lock button on the very right. If, however, you want to change it up and move things around, corruptionfreeindia provides a very simple way of doing so.

So if you’re interested in starting off your modding journey on your Galaxy S2, check out the original thread for more information.

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