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Galaxy Note Can Now Format SD Card to NTFS File System

Galaxy Note Can Now Format SD Card to NTFS File System

There are pros and cons to every file system and there are quite a few file systems. Some have more pros than cons and some have more cons than pros. However, with every new file system there is always the urge to try it on and see how it fits.

XDA Senior Member PROTOCHIP has posted a method that enables those with a Samsung Galaxy Note to switch their SD Cards to the NTFS file system.

The process is a little complicated and involves not only using a Windows PC to format the SD card to NTFS, but anyone who wants to do this will also have to add a few commands into the Terminal Emulator. The overall process does take a little time so patience is definitely a must and, of course, be sure to back up your SD card before attempting so you don’t lose any files.

PROTOCHIP has also been kind enough to post some of his observations since making the switch. They include:

** After mounting sdcard as read/write ntfs, camera app also can be able to record photos and videos to ntfs…
** Watching movies over 4 gb size is not a problem anymore. 1080p Mkvs with no lag at all…
** Most of the 3rd Party apps recognize ntfs formatted sdcard like it is fat32…
** Stock Video Player dont see NTFS so i use BSPLAYER LITE ( best for mkv on note ) OR MX VIDEO PLAYER !!! ( U can use ES file explorer to play videos with stock video player )
** Stock app like gallery dont see the files in ntfs sdcard… Quickpic app also doesnt work with ntfs formatted sd card…
** You can use free apps like MyMusicOn or MixZing Basic to play music files which are in ntfs formatted sdcard…
** We have to repeat steps 4 and 5 after every reboot. Gscript lite app helps here so much with its shortcuts…
** We have to repeat steps 4 and 5 after using usb mass storage mode…
** Ntfs formatted sdcard also is recognized by windows when Gnote is using usb mass storage mode…
** I am getting very low transfer speed for small files in windows when Gnote is using usb mass storage mode… for big files it is as fast as Fat32…

So for anyone who wants to give NTFS a try on their Galaxy Note, head on over to the original thread for full instructions and a step by step guide, discussion and download links.

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