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Gesture Control App Magus Receives Major Update

Gesture Control App Magus Receives Major Update

A couple of months ago, we featured Magus on the XDA Portal, an app that allows you to control your device and its actions with physical gestures such as tilts and flips. With support for multiple combinations, we remarked that such functionality would be very beneficial for those who may not be able to control a device otherwise, with Magus’┬ádeveloper XDA Senior Member voriax citing that the app has been very useful for the visually impaired.

Well, fast forward to a new year and Magus has received a major update, officially taking itself out of the beta testing phase to version 1.08. With this new update, voriax has responded to user requests and introduced additional actions for the free version of Magus, including:

  • Lock and unlock the device
  • Unlock the device and bypassing any security measure such as a pin number or pattern lock (known as Lock Screen Hack)
  • Setting Magus as the only way to unlock the device (known as Hardcore Unlock)
  • Toggle Bluetooth
  • Toggle WiFi
  • Integration with Tasker to turn on and off Magus

In addition to these new actions, voriax has also given Magus’s UI a makeover with a much cleaner and Holo look, introduced tips and hints for important functions, and a much more detailed preview of the accelerometer and gestures.

So if you’re interested in controlling your device with tilts and flips, or would like to check out the development progress of Magus, head over to the application thread for more details.

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