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Get a Taste of Many Different Devices with the Definitive Ported Apps Directory

Get a Taste of Many Different Devices with the Definitive Ported Apps Directory

Ported apps are inherently fun. While shoehorning the Galaxy S 5′s stock app suite onto your two-year-old Galaxy S III won’t magically turn your aging device into Samsung’s latest and greatest, doing so allows you to experience some of the “exclusive” features that newer devices have to offer. Because of that, we frequently see quite a lot of work done here on the XDA forums to port OEM apps and other goodies to older devices.

So where do you find these mythical ported apps? Well you could pretend you’re playing Pokémon and try to catch them all by manually searching every section here on XDA—or you could visit XDA Senior Member tp2215‘s Definitive Ported Apps Directory.

Inside tp2215′s thread, you’ll find apps ported from the HTC One M8, Nokia X, Nexus 5, Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Tab Pro, Nvidia Shield, Xperia Z2, Moto X, LG G2, Archos, and Google Glass—and these are just the current generation devices, as there’s another section for ports from older devices. The thread also houses a list of carrier-specific app ports, as well as ports from certain popular ROMs, and simulated Windows Phone 8 and iOS7 apps.

If you’ve got a case of device envy and wish to add some additional goodies to your smartphone, head over to the original thread and load some ported apps!

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