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Google Android Info Brings You Basic Facts about Android

Google Android Info Brings You Basic Facts about Android

Android has become the world’s most successful mobile OS. Not too long ago, we presented the short history of this OS in our Evolution of Android series (part I, part II). This former underdog has now become the market’s dominant player. And chances are that if you received a new smartphone or tablet under the tree earlier today, it’s running Android.

Android is not quite as easy to understand as you may think. API levels, Dalvik architecture, and many other terms still require some reading to fully understand. Luckily, XDA Forum Member newaageappz got an interesting idea of compiling all this information together and releasing it in an application. Now, whenever you have some free time, you can learn about the basics of Android, its history, features, and even some sample source code so that you can eventually create your own, innovative applications.

This simple, yet interesting app is a good idea for those long winter nights, when boredom strikes back and you are looking for something to read. If you are interested in Android, you should visit the application thread and give this application a try. Live and learn.

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