Hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor, hodor!  Sorry about that, folks. It looks like we got a little carried away, there.

You may recall that a few weeks back, a rather “unique” Game of Thrones-themed keyboard appeared for Android. Rather than actually allowing users to write anything of their choosing, this keyboard simply allows users to type Hodor, much like the strange but lovable recurring character in Game of Thrones. So what happens when you take a joke keyboard and go a step further? Let’s find out!

XDA Forum Moderator GermainZ created a one-of-a-kind Xposed module that turns practically all displayed text into the word “Hodor.” This module changes how text is displayed in essentially any app, and in pretty much all circumstances. There are a few exceptions, however, and these include WebViews and possibly a few others.

Obviously this module is not something that you’d want to run for anything other than a quick laugh or to show off to GoT-loving friends. But if you’re a GoT fan and you want to spend a few minutes living the life of the Starks, head over to the module thread and give Hodor a try.

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