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PiBalance Keeps Track of Your Mobile Plan Usage and Balance through USSD Requests

PiBalance Keeps Track of Your Mobile Plan Usage and Balance through USSD Requests

While many have long since moved to “unlimited” talk/text/data plans, there are still quite a few on more limited plans. After all, what use is unlimited data if you’re connected to WiFi all day? Similarly, if all your friends also have smartphones, texting is not really needed anymore either. And calling? Pfft. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Unfortunately for those on limited plans, it’s often quite easy to get a bit caught up in a particular call, string of texts, download spree, or Netflix movie. This can quickly become an issue as you approach the end of your billing cycle, and have to make it through ten more days with just 50 megabytes left.

Most major carriers support USSD and SMS requests to obtain various mobile plan-related information. However, keeping track of these special (and often seemingly random) codes can become quite the chore. Luckily, XDA Forum Member piligrimm created the app piBalance that uses these codes to track your mobile plan usage over time.

PiBalance uses these USSD and SMS codes to keep track of your usage. Requests are done either on a schedule or after a call. Currently, piBalance supports dozens of carriers across 37 countries out of the box. But if your carrier isn’t supported, you can easily configure the app with additional commands.

If you need to keep better tabs on your mobile plan usage, head over to the application thread and give piBalance a shot.

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