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ROM Mart is a Customizable Hub for ROM Developers

ROM Mart is a Customizable Hub for ROM Developers

There are thousands upon thousands of custom ROMs available right here on the XDA forums. And chances are that if you’re running a popular device, there are dozens of stable, source-built options to choose from. And with most popular ROMs, there are generally dozens (or more) modifications you can apply.

So with so many custom ROMs and so many modifications and tweaks available for each ROM, how do you most efficiently Pimp Your ROM? This is where ROM Mart comes in. Created by XDA Senior Member xcesco89, ROM Mart is a customizable ROM hub that displays a list of compatible wallpapers, mods, and accessory applications.

Obviously, ROM Mart is entirely ROM-specific. To set it up, the ROM developer must create an XML file on his server with a list of compatible add-ons. Then, the dev must also add a few lines to the ROM’s build.prop file to specify where ROM Mart should look. Once that’s done, the dev can then update the compatible files server-side.

To the end user, ROM Mart runs like any application. Upon launching the app, you’re greeted with a list of compatible add-ons that are displayed in a user-friendly manner. These can then be installed with a click of a button. Modifications are categorized, and you can set the app to automatically check for updates.

If you’re a ROM developer looking to make add-ons more accessible for your users, head over to the original thread and give ROM Mart a shot.

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