Samsung Galaxy S II Found to Play Nicely With USB On-The-Go


Are you a Galaxy S II owner patiently waiting for Samsung to release their USB On-The-Go cable so that you can use your favorite USB devices on your mobile device? Thanks to XDA forum member NZtechfreak, you will wait no more, as it was discovered that a standard off-the-shelf USB OTG cable will work just fine and probably save you a decent chunk of change in the process.

Only enough power to supply pendrives, but drives with their own power supplies, or drives connected to the phone via an externally powered HUB, will work.

Read speeds are fast enough to watch 1080p content.

Unfortunately USB keyboard/mouse, and two different USB gamepads were a fail.

For more details, as well as video proof that this does indeed work, make sure to continue on to the original thread.

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