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Smart N’ Loud Lets You Control Your Phone’s Ringer with Ease

Smart N’ Loud Lets You Control Your Phone’s Ringer with Ease

There are times when our phones remain silent for many hours on end because we accidentally set them to silent mode. How many important calls and notifications have you missed because of this? Quite a few, I’m sure. And since some people call only in urgent situations, it’s optimal to know about their incoming calls no matter what. But how do you set up an exception to the global setting?

The answer to this intriguing question comes from XDA Forum Member eyalse, who developed an application to handle calls on case-by-case basis. For example, it’s possible to enable your ringer when a contact calls you more than two times in the span of ten minutes. Alternatively, you can permanently disable the ringtone for a contact when you simply don’t want to speak with him/her, and do so without auto rejection. You can whitelist or blacklist certain callers to control calls fully when you are busy or don’t wish to deal with non-urgent matters.

More informations regarding the modes and configuration options can be found in the application thread, so don’t hesitate to go there and give this application a shot. Keep in mind that your phone really should be silenced or turned off in certain situations, so use this tool wisely.

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