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Transform Your Device into an Android Command Center with MultiWindow Sidebar

Transform Your Device into an Android Command Center with MultiWindow Sidebar

Floating applications and notifications are all the rage nowadays. ParanoidAndroid’s HALO and Facebook’s Chatheads have demonstrated just how useful floating windows can be. Not too long ago, we talked about XMultiWindow and XHaloFloatingWindow, two projects built using floating window technology. The developer of two aforementioned projects, XDA Senior Member zst123, recently released another project: a MultiWindow Sidebar.

MultiWindow Sidebar’s purpose is to mimic the MultiWindow bar present in certain Samsung Galaxy firmwares. But rather than simply mimic this functionality, it also improves upon it. With these three applications, you can use your phone or tablet as a command center. You can select an application from the menu on the left or right side of the screen, and then drag it to top or bottom to launch split view. Two applications can then be run at once. Although  MultiWindow Sidebar can be used by itself, it’s best suited for use with XMultiWindow and XHaloFloatingWindow linked above.

This app should run on every Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich or newer. You can find out more by visiting the application thread.

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