Tweak your Droid Eris Battery with Collin_ph Battery Tweak


If you are an Android power user and your device is the HTC Droid Eris, you can improve the battery performance with the Collin_ph Battery Tweak, put together by XDA forum member Decad3nce.

The tweak appears to improve the performance and life of the battery and is originally the work of XDA member collin_ph. Together with Decad3nce and a few others, the script has been optimised into an application, which will soon be released to the Market.

The script is more functional and more efficient than applications that constantly run in the background – reason being is that it only polls all dependencies every 60 seconds to check for changes, although this can be customised.

To download and run the tweak script or to keep posted on when the app is published, check out the modification thread.

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