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X2K2′s Tiles Icons for Android

X2K2′s Tiles Icons for Android

XDA member xero2002 presents this great Tiles collection for your Android device, this Windows Phone 7 inspired collection includes various tiles sizes (1×1, 1×2, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1) and several versions for each icon on a clean look with no icon names. The developer states that no resizing is required working for 800×480 screens.
You can find over 180 different icons to personalize your device in the original thread.

Originally posted by xero2002
[ICONS] X2K2′s Tiles Icons (220) (Designed For 800×480) [V4.1 - 11|16|2010]

..:: X2K2′s Tiles Icons ::..

- 220 icons so far (Covers pretty much everything you need, always room for more though)
- Designed for 800×480 screens (Tested on Samsung Galaxy S)
- Designed for 5 row homescreen setup (LauncherPro or ADW) (Otherwise the layout gets screwed!)
- Designed to be used with Notification bar (Otherwise the layout gets screwed!)
- To be applied with Desktop Visualizer (Can be found on the Market for free)
- Includes various tiles (1×1, 1×2, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1)
- Several versions for each icon
- Clean look, no icon names
- No resizing required (No need for LauchnerPro Plus)
- Precisely measured
- Taking requests for more icons (Also still working on more…)
- Source pictures grabbed from various places (Props to the original creators!)
- Inspired by Windows Phone 7
- Please report errors

Resolutions used

1×1 = 110x122px
1×2 = 115x264px
2×1 = 230x124px
3×1 = 355x124px
4×1 = 475x124px

More versions might follow
Spacing between icons horizontal/vertical = 10px

Continue to the icons thread here.

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