Will Verduzco · May 15, 2014 at 07:00 am

[APK] Google MyGlass 3 Brings Place Sharing from Maps on Android, Play Services Updated to 4.4.51

Late last night, we talked about an incremental update to Google Play Newsstand, which brought this mobile news app to version 3.2.1. Given the timing of the update and when it began hitting consumer devices, we figured that this is all that Google had in store for us on this Google Update Wednesday. Luckily, we were wrong, as Google also issued updates to MyGlass and Google Play Services.

First up, we have MyGlass version 3.0.0. Remember that Google Glass XE17.1 update we talked about two days ago? You know, the one that brings new functionality such as the ability to share places from Google Maps on Android to Google Glass? You know, the same update that we talked about, which promises to bring a more streamlined MyGlass UI? Yep, that update—and it’s now here!

In addition to the MyGlass update, we also have an update to Google Play Services. This update brings Play Services up to version 4.4.51 from last Saturday’s 4.4.49. And thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai, we have all of the APKs for Play Services, corresponding to all device display densities.

The updates will slowly trickle out to consumer devices over the course of the next few days. However, not everyone will be in the initial wave. So for those looking to get in on the application updates a bit early, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored them on our Dev-Host account:

[Many, many thanks once again to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai for all of these APKs!]

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