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Cool Things to Do with My Old Android Device?

114 comments · Many of us have older Android handsets around that are well past their glory days, but that doesn't mean you can't put them to good use. Let us know some of your favorite ways to keep your aging devices alive.
· 1/13 at 10:10 am · 39 comments

Welcome to the New XDA Homepage

About a week ago we made some major changes to the XDA homepage, which we've always called the "Portal." A corner of the site that historically has been reserved to bring you the latest happening from the XDA forums, the new XDA Home goes a step beyond that by bringing a variety of new content types and higher quality features. We want this to be more than just a portal to the forums, but also a destination for all who, like...

· 12/16 at 09:29 am · 3 comments

New Relic & XDA One App Performance Monitoring [Sponsored]

A few months ago we posted about the incredible impact New Relic APM has had on our ability to debug web application processes on XDA, speeding the site and reducing server costs. As a result of our positive experience with the product, we decided to test New Relic Mobile with XDA One, our new app currently in alpha and available for download in the forums. While we have used other crash reporting software in the past, New Relic's solution goes...

· 12/3 at 02:40 pm · 392 comments

AirDroid 3 Beta Preview – Win a Year of AirDroid Premium! [Update]

Update!: We've chosen the winners of the contest. They are: petzku, Androidshek, mascaliente, damir1, nicopizza, dagoban, cretu01, JDLion, trusselo, mohfreestyl. These users will be contacted via XDA PM shortly with a code to unlock AirDroid premium. Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest, and thanks to AirDroid for the codes! It's the little things that make using convergence apps like Pushbullet and AirDroid so appealing. As I've been sitting here typing this article, I've gotten three text messages from my...

· 10/20 at 11:00 am · 9 comments

XDA and Leaseweb: Server Trial/Moto 360 Contest (Winners!)

About a month ago, we held a contest along with XDA's host, Leaseweb, to give away a handful of server trials along with a Moto 360 (as the grand prize). To win, participants had to describe how they would use hosting services from Leaseweb as it relates to developing for Android. The best answer came from XDA Forum Member alireza7991, and he's going to be getting a new Moto 360 as well as a free server trial. Click "read on" to...

· 10/10 at 09:20 am · 26 comments

Improvements to 10 Post Rule

Two years ago, we implemented a policy to help clean up development-related threads on XDA. This became known as the 10 Post Rule, and it effectively restricted new members from posting to any and all threads in development forums. If a new member tried to post in a development thread, he was told to go to that device's Q&A forum and post there. There were some meaningful benefits to this system but also some significant drawbacks: it was confusing to...

· 9/15 at 09:34 am · 0 comments

XDA and LeaseWeb: Win Free Server Trial and Moto 360

As you might recall from a previous Behind the Scenes article we wrote, XDA's complex server infrastructure is hosted by LeaseWeb. It is thanks to them that we're able to keep our forums fast and reliable despite the huge volume of traffic we experience each day and the many terabytes of files and images we host. We were able to work with LeaseWeb to craft the ideal infrastructure to meet our needs. We thought it would be a good idea to hold a...

· 9/10 at 09:39 am · 11 comments

Free CodeSchool From New Relic [Sponsored]

New Relic is currently incentivizing new customers with three free months of Code School classes. But really, the bribe shouldn't be necessary. We know, this sounds like the type of hyped-up pitch you might hear on a bad infomercial, but here at XDA, New Relic APM has completely revolutionized our ability to debug application processes, allowing us to speed up the site while reducing server costs. When they wanted to sponsor the site this month, we were thrilled to promote a product that we both...

· 9/9 at 09:32 am · 61 comments

Beta Test the XDA 2015 Forum Redesign!

We've been hard at work on a complete redesign of the XDA forums and Portal. We wanted to build something that was clean, modern, fast, and that could manage to include a lot of useful functionality without feeling cluttered. While we're not finished with the new forum template, which we're calling "XDA 2015", we're close enough such that XDA members that want to can use the new template and help us find bugs and other issues before we make it the...

· 8/13 at 06:30 pm · 17 comments

Code Syntax Highlighting Enabled in the Forums

We've just added a handy new feature to the forums for those who like to present code for others to view. For a while now, you've been able to use the [code][/code] markers to wrap code in a container. Now, you can specify what type of code you're using to enable syntax highlighting, as shown in the attached image. To enable this, use (in the case of javascript): [code=javascript][/code]. Other languages you can specify include js, css, c, cc, cpp, json, cs,...

· 7/21 at 03:30 pm · 4 comments

XDA Behind the Scenes, Part 3

This is the last part of a series of articles that reveals some of the processes, technology, and systems that keeps XDA running. It's brought to you by our awesome host, LeaseWeb, which provides the brawny server infrastructure on which XDA runs. Previously we wrote about our moderator system and about the server configuration. In this final installment, our Developer Admin, pulser_g2, takes a look at how various programs have contributed to maintaining a developer-friendly environment in the forums. A lot has...

· 7/14 at 12:00 pm · 8 comments

XDA Behind the Scenes, Part 2

This is part two of a series that takes a look at how we keep XDA running. In case you missed it, check out part one, which covers XDA's moderation system. This second part, written by our server administrator, explains how XDA's server configuration handles all of our traffic and many page requests. The core of XDA's hosting infrastructure is located at the LeaseWeb data center in Virginia, USA. XDA has a rack of bare-metal servers including database servers, PHP servers, caching...

· 7/10 at 11:30 am · 16 comments

XDA Behind the Scenes, Part 1

This is part one in a series that will offer a glimpse at what keeps XDA running. In the first installment, we'll talk about our moderation system and how it has evolved. Then in part two, our server admin will explain how we use LeaseWeb to manage the huge amount of traffic and bandwidth to the site. And lastly, part three will cover the ways in which we try to encourage development and modification of mobile devices by the developers in the...

· 7/1 at 12:30 pm · 12 comments

Swappa Launches Boneyard; Buy and Sell Accessories, Broken Devices, and More

Swappa is XDA's official marketplace for buying and selling gently used mobile devices because it has earned the trust of the community. With no seller fees, stringent requirements on the quality of devices that can be listed, and amazing customer service, we can't imagine why anyone would use eBay. However, one thing that Swappa has lacked was a place to sell accessories, parts, and phones with broken screens. That has changed with the introduction of the Swappa Boneyard. In Swappa Boneyard,...

· 6/2 at 06:00 am · 13 comments

XDA Assist Helps You Find Your Way

We're excited to introduce a new service to XDA members: XDA Assist. We know that XDA is so big that sometimes even the most astute searchers cannot find what they are looking for. Manned by 10 hand-picked Recognized Contributors who are eager to help, XDA Assist is a forum where you can get some assistance with a problem you might be having with your device. We won't give you the steps to fix the issue, but rather a nudge in the right...