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· 3/12 at 10:30 am · 19 comments

Under The Hood at XDA Developers

Running a website as large as XDA isn't an easy process - we depend on a web development team here in Philadelphia, plus the fantastic products and serviced offered by our host, LeaseWeb, to ensure the availability and speed of the site that every Android enthusiast knows and loves. Knowing that our visitors are more technical in nature than most, we thought that they might appreciate a look 'under the hood' at XDA to see what makes us run. The...

· 12/24 at 10:54 am · 2 comments

XDA & New Relic Performance Monitoring [Sponsored]

In other posts we've raved about New Relic Mobile for monitoring performance of our XDA One mobile application and New Relic APM, which we use for daily oversight of XDA's database and PHP servers. In this post we want to explain how we use New Relic on a daily basis and provide a specific example of how the software has helped us troubleshoot server bottlenecks in the past. If you deploy New Relic web or mobile monitoring before the end...

· 4/16 at 02:00 pm · 4 comments

Google ATAP Reveals Project Ara Developer Kits and 100K Prize Challenge

Today, Paul Eremenko from Google's Advanced Technology and Projects division announced a developer prize challenge and the upcoming availability of developer kits, which represent the Project Ara platform and enable developers to begin working on modules. The developer boards will allow users to explore the Project Ara platform, and will include multiple reference "modules" on board so that hardware and software developers can begin to experiment with the platform--both in designing new modules and in getting existing software and Android OS...

· 4/14 at 12:30 pm · 43 comments

Project Ara – What Do You Want to Know?

Google will be holding its first Project Ara Developers' Conference this April 15-16 in Mountain View, CA. The conference will be live-streamed, and in-person attendance is limited. Guess who will have a representative at the conference? While the Project Ara MDK .10 has been released and the conference schedule is online, what details the conference will bring is largely unknown. According to the schedule, we should see some very firm details about what the final product will look like, specifications...

· 4/9 at 08:00 pm · 17 comments

Heartbleed: What XDA Did to Patch This Critical Internet Flaw

Pardon this break from our usual mobile development news for a short brief on a recent security vulnerability that affected XDA. Heartbleed is rightly considered to be one of the most dangerous bugs to hit the Internet in a long time, if not ever. Since XDA's servers were vulnerable to this exploit, we wanted to let you know what we did to fix this problem and what steps you could do to mitigate an issue like this in the future....