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A New Take on Android UI Development

Android UI development can be pretty cumbersome and has many potential pitfalls in its system of connected code, xml files and identifiers. To make things easier Serge from http://zserge.com/ started to work on a library that lets you build layouts directly from code while at the same time making the entire process type-safe.

· 1/14 at 12:47 pm · 26 comments

Is Google the Only One to Blame for Missing Security Fixes?

You've all heard the recent "breaking news" that caused a storm: Google refuses to release security updates for millions of devices. Wow. That sounds really bad. But is it really as shocking as it first seems to be? Continue reading for a more differentiated look at what is happening here. (more…)

· 1/14 at 10:20 am · 83 comments

Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps on Devices

In the recent past, we witnessed quite a few acts of OEMs messing with devices to achieve various goals, such as increasing benchmark results. We also heard about manufacturers and carriers adding tracing software to their devices, in order to collect data about how the device performs, statistics about voice and data connectivity between the device and radio towers, or even battery runtime data (CarrierIQ are you listening?). Today, however, reports are coming in that users of certain devices by Indian phone manufacturer Micromax noticed apps...

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OnePlus Minimalistic Boot Animations

XDA Senior Member nicholaschum created a set of highly minimalistic boot animations for the OnePlus One. They come in five different flavors, each of them being accompanied by a matching boot logo for the best visual experience.

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Awesome Themes for Google Hangouts

Tired of the default pale green of the recent Google Hangouts versions? XDA Recognized Themer Basil3 helps you out with this themed Hangouts app, which comes in an variety of custom colors and styles.

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Top 10 Most Common Android Development Mistakes

Developing an Android app might seem straight forward at first, but you'll need to be aware of a few misconceptions developers often run into, especially if coming from other platforms such as iOS. Learn about how to avoid these pitfalls with this list of the top 10 most common Android development mistakes.

· 1/9 at 05:30 pm · 19 comments

Signing Tool for Kindle Fire HDX Exploits Bootloader

What happens when an Android-related vulnerability is published on a website like the CodeAurora Forum? You got it! Security enthusiasts and Android developers around the world try to take advantage of the newly found problem to create an exploit, which can be used to gain advanced access to your device (such as root access or the ability to flash custom images). This is exactly what happened to CVE-2014-0973, a vulnerability in an Android Bootloader dubbed "Little Kernel (LK)". We will...

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Receives TWRP Recovery

In order to take advantage of many mods on XDA, you need a custom recovery for your device. Luckily, those of you with the 7" Fire HDX can get in on the fun now as XDA Senior Member Cpasjuste published a TWRP-based recovery just days ago.

· 1/6 at 03:50 pm · 99 comments

Can the Snapdragon 810 Deliver On the Hype?

LG just took the wraps off of it newest flagship device, the LG G Flex 2, proudly featuring Qualcomm's newest SOC, the Snapdragon 810. After rather modest improvements on the Snapdragon 801 from last year, many people hoped for a larger increase in performance, battery life and overall feature set. Now that the first mainstream device hits the masses, let's take a look at what could make the 810 so much better than previous devices, but more importantly, also the potential...

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One Plus One Disassembly/Reassembly Guide

Have a broken display on your One Plus One? Check out the disassembly/reassembly guide posted by XDA Senior Member vantt1 for some help on how to repair it yourself.

· 1/6 at 09:18 am · 27 comments

Restore Functionality on Unlocked Xperia Devices – Part Two

As you might have noticed, not too long ago, we featured an article that detailed how to get back lost functionality on unlocked Sony Xperia devices. To recap, a simple system modification allows you to gain back most of the features you lost when unlocking the bootloader of a recent Xperia device. The reason for the reduced functionality is that, when unlocking the bootloader, you lose the device's internal DRM keys which are required for things like streaming protected media but also for advanced...

· 1/3 at 08:00 pm · 32 comments

Restore Lost Functionality on Your Unlocked Xperia Device

If you unlocked your bootloader on a recent Sony Xperia device, you probably know that the potential loss of warranty is not the only disadvantage you have to accept. Another fairly hidden issue is related to various proprietary features such as the X-Reality color mangement, BIONZ image processor and the active noise cancelling techniques. Once you decide to unlock your bootloader, the process also removes a piece of data referred to as the DRM keys. These are tied to various services...

· 1/2 at 07:30 pm · 75 comments

The Cracked Back of the Motorola Moto 360

Ever since its first unveiling in early 2014, the Motorola Moto 360 has been a greatly hyped device. Even though availability and price were initially unknown, it was the smartwatch to talk about. Its sleek design and the (at that point) unique round screen with tiny bezels appealed to a wide range of potential customers. However, things changed once the watch was released in the US, as early reviews attested an abysmal battery life and apparently the performance also left a...

· 11/4 at 03:00 pm · 15 comments

Re-Review of XDA’s Recognized Developers

Since its inception, the Recognized Developer program was meant to acknowledge the best of XDA's developers.  Thousands of our members have applied over the years, and hundreds have been recognized for making core contributions to the development of mobile devices.  During that time, the RD program has grown and evolved to serve the needs of our developers and the community as a whole. In order to maintain the validity of our RD program, we must retire those who are no...

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Sony Cross-Device Development Pilot

Today we are very excited to announce a new pilot program that will go live in the next few days. Given the emergence and increasing popularity of One-Click-Tools and Toolboxes, many developers faced a problem: Where do I put my thread if the tool is compatible with multiple devices? Until now, you had three possibilities where each one had its own flaws: General Android development (not many people search for Sony toolboxes in this forum → limited visibility) Just a single...