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eagleeyetom is an editor on XDA-Developers, the largest community for Android users. Tomek is the only Polish moderator on XDA Developers. He graduated from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn with a degree in journalism and public communication in 2013. He's a big fan of football (not hand egg), post rock and cooking. A total addict of mobile technology, especially Android. Currently flashes dozens of custom ROMs on his OPO.

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· 7/20 at 04:36 pm · 0 comments

CyanogenMod 12.1 Released for the HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 has received an unofficial version of CyanogenMod 12.1. You can use the popular community ROM thanks to the hard work of three Recognized Developers - varun.chitre15, Rashed97 and Flinny. Head over to this thread to get the build and dive into the source code.

· 7/18 at 02:03 am · 3 comments

Sony Japan Confirms Late-July Release for Android 5.1.1

Sony is not overly fast at deploying Android updates. Luckily the Japanese OEM is trying to catch up. Sony Japan has confirmed that users should see OTA notifications pretty soon. Android 5.1.1 should fix a few critical flaws so be on the look out.

· 7/17 at 07:57 pm · 1 comment

T-Mobile Drops the Price of LG G4

LG G4 is one of the greatest devices of the year and T-Mobile US has just decided to drop the price of LG's flagship. You can get your own G4 for $479,76, which is $120 cheaper than the previous offer. That's definitely a nice way to care about clients. You can order the smartphone from this page.

· 7/16 at 07:06 am · 0 comments

RotaryHome Launcher

Unlike iOS users, Android fans have access to hundreds of interesting launchers that can easily replace the default home application. A quite innovative idea was presented by XDA Recognized Developer doga.ozkaraca, who created a RotaryHome launcher. Head over to the application thread to check it out!

· 7/14 at 05:29 pm · 2 comments

ZUK Z1 Partial Specifications Revealed

OnePlus has shown that Chinese manufacturers can create great devices for reasonable prices. A few big OEMs including Lenovo and Elephone backed up ZUK in their efforts to deliver its first device, the Z1. Head over to this article to learn more about this smartphone.

· 7/7 at 01:52 am · 4 comments

Paranoid Android 5.1 Released

A new revision of Paranoid Android has just been released. For now it's available only for Nexus devises, but the team is working to expand the compatibility. At this point, ROM offers  basic AOSP functionality. Head over to the announcement to learn more about AOSPA and the team.

· 7/4 at 10:41 am · 4 comments

Mastercard Testing Facial Recognition Security App

Mastercard is testing a new facial recognition security app that uses... selfies as one of the layers. Currently only 500 people are using this application but selfies can become a security standard in the near future. Will it be efficient? More in the article.

· 7/4 at 09:58 am · 10 comments

Yotaphone Says Bye-Bye to Android

Russian OEM Yota has decided against using Android on their devices. The Yotaphone makers have sealed the deal with Jolla to use the latest version of Sailfish on future dual-screen smartphones. Yota preferred Sailfish over Tizen, which also was in the game. What do you think about this decision?

· 7/4 at 09:43 am · 6 comments

HTC One M9 Developer Edition Android 5.1 OTA

The Developer Edition of the HTC One M9 is receiving an over-the-air update to Android 5.1. The latest version of Android brings some new features and fixes to the Lollipop branch. XDA Forum Member Charwinger21 managed to capture the OTA, so don't wait any longer and give it a try!

· 7/1 · 10 comments

TechKnow Universal ADB Driver

Install this driver and forget that any ADB problems have ever existed. TechKnow created a universal Windows driver that works with over 500 (!) various devices with different SoCs and architectures. Give it a spin and kiss problems good bye.

· 7/1 · 4 comments

Solid Explorer Goes Material Design

There are a lot of third party file managers available for Android. Solid Explorer is among the best. The application has just received a material design overhaul. It's fast, reliable and pretty, so don't wait any longer to give it a shot.

· 6/27 at 10:32 pm · 9 comments

Oukitel Set To Release a Phone With 10,000 mAh Battery

Poor battery life is a subject of countless discussions on our forum. Chinese brand Oukitel wants to create a phone with a whopping 10,000 mAh battery. Sounds crazy? With such a battery you can forget about the charger for at least a week. More information in the article.

· 6/27 at 10:22 pm · 2 comments

Sony E5663 Specification Leaked

Specs of the Sony Xperia E5663 were leaked online earlier today. The device will sport a 4.6-inch 1080p display, 21MP rear camera, a monstrous 13MP selfie shooter and 3GB of RAM. The device is expected to be released in India but the premiere date is yet to be known.

· 6/27 at 09:58 pm · 6 comments

Soak Android 5.1 for Verizon Moto X 2014

Motorola and Verizon are testing the Android 5.1 update for the Moto X 2014. The soak test is only limited to a number of users, but you can quickly become one of them thanks to XDA Senior Member shane1. Get the ~500MB OTA and flash it onto your unmodified system through the stock recovery.

· 6/27 at 09:41 pm · 10 comments

Meizu MX5 – More Pictures

Meizu MX5's premiere is just around the corner. While the official specifications and design are certain yet, leaks suggest that the phone will sport a 5.5 inch Full HD display, a MediaTek MT6795T chipset with an octa-core 2.1GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 3,150mAh battery.