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Sony Ultra GPE Receives 5.1 OTA Update

Sony has been on a roll over the last couple of days, releasing Lollipop updates for a myriad of different devices ranging all the way to their 2011 line up (at least AOSP). Yesterday, reports from various Sony Ultra GPE users surfaced stating that they began seeing the awaited updates. Go check it out!

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Run Linux… on your Canon EOS DSLR

Over the years, we have seen a lot of hacking done to every day electronics. Things ranging from porting an OS to hacking hardware to add features to our devices. It seems that people over at Magic Lantern have successfully booted the 3.19 Linux Kernel on a Canon EOS DSLR! Quite a feat to say the least.

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SunShine for HTC and Moto Devices Updated to 3.0

Exploits are always a cat and mouse type of game. Devs uncover vulnerabilities to achieve things like root and OEMs patch them. Then, the cycle starts over. XDA Senior Recognized Developer and Forum Moderator jcase has released version 3 of SunShine which grants S-Off to HTC and (some) Moto devices.

· 2/25 at 11:19 am · 17 comments

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill – Expert Analysis of Why it Sucks

We all remember the story on this one. It was our moment of triumph. The moment our collective voices were heard across the Capitol, which yielded a law nearly 2 years later. The glorious Cell Phone Unlocking Bill, finally came into full force in the beginning of February. As of now, it is perfectly legal to have your device SIM unlocked anywhere in the United States (that is, until the provision expires yet again towards the end of this year)....

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Turn Any GSM HTC M8 Variant into a Dev Edition Phone

HTC's M8 has been, since its release, a fantastic device to play with. HTC truly did a remarkable job with it and as of yesterday, we now have source for Lollipop. A few days ago, HTC rolled Android for Dev edition devices. What? You don't have a dev device? How about turning yours into one? Give it a go!

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Enjoy Music Your Way with Flare

There are various things that people look for in a music player. Most of them are spread out across various programs. How about having a single music app with lots of customization options? If this sounds interesting, check out Flare!

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Cardboard 3D Helicopter Simulator

Helicopter flight simulators are always fun as they make use of the device's sensors for tilting, going up, down, etc. Having said that, a 3D game was just released that is worth having a look. Why? Well, the game is compatible with Cardboard. Check it out!

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Write in Mid Air with Fujitsu’s Ring

We currently have a slew of available options to enter text into our devices. We have voice recognition, keyboards, styli, and even some pens that translate what you write into text. This is all great but only if you have access to a device. Fujitsu is coming up with something to go past that hurdle. Check it out!

· 1/22 at 04:00 pm · 65 comments

Why Is Sony Going under and How Can It Save Itself?

One of the most iconic names in the mobile industry has always been the Japanese giant, Sony. Over the years, we have seen this company going from an icon, to an evil empire going after poor developers (yeah, yeah... different division), to one of the most friendly giants a developer could hope to have as a friend. Over the last couple of years, Sony has shown the developer world (and really the entire world) that being a ginormous global corporation...

· 1/22 at 01:57 pm · 12 comments

Wearables – Past, Present, and… Future?

If you are a child of the 80's, you will undoubtedly recognize the title image for this article. The Centurions were a great motivation for anyone who's ever thought about wearing technology on their body to do things that they could not normally do, without knowing how to operate heavy equipment. While the idea of teleporting pieces onto your body to enable you to fly is still (more than) a few years away, the thought of using technology on ourselves is...

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Myo Motion Controller Armband

Not too long ago, we spoke about controlling a Parrot drone with a smartwatch and SmartEyeGlass. Well, the Myo controller by Thalmic Labs can do this and much more thanks to its unique design. True gesture control but in mid air. Go check it out!

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From the Creators of VideoBee – Enter Netup

Netup is an ambitious Kickstarter project by XDA Senior Member ShoelaceWireless, who also brought you VideoBee. It aims at making a device's internet connection faster for all apps by combining cellular data and Wifi data into one. How fast can your device go? Go in and find out!

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A Brand New Calculator Concept

Have you ever wanted to solve math problems by simply looking at them? Some people can do mental math but for those who can't, AutoMath by XDA member jimmaay puts this ability at your fingertips. Find a math problem, aim at it with your camera, and presto!

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Obstructer Gets Major Overhaul

Your phone is yours and yours alone. Lending it to someone simply to make a call could entice that person to do something else with it, like going through your personal stuff. Obstructer, however, can take care of those prying eyes!

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Control a Parrot with SmartEyeglass and a SmartWatch 2

The Sony Smartwatch 2 platform, despite being replaced by Android Wear, is not completely dead. Sony engineers decided to have some fun with it and did something straight out of Iron Man 3. See what happens when you combine the watch's sensors, Sony's own SmartEyeglass and a Parrot 2.0 drone.