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Faiz Malkani is an editor on XDA-Developers, the largest community for Android users. Faiz Malkani is a designer committed to creating memorable digital experiences augmented by delightful interfaces. He's been working in the design field for over three years and is proficient in experience design and interface design. He also codes occasionally, with Android and Frontend Web being his preferred platforms.

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· 7/30 at 10:30 am · 3 comments

OnePlus 2 Bares All in New Tear Down Gallery

Last year, the launch of the OnePlus One, dubbed 'the flagship killer', visibly shook the foundations of the mobile OEM sphere, with OnePlus delivering high-end flagships specs at a very affordable price. The initial launch phase was met with mixed feelings after a few controversial marketing tactics, but they eventually gave way to strong sales figures.   Earlier this week, OnePlus went on to unveil the successor to the One, and while the device continues to offer top-of-the-line specs at...

· 7/29 at 02:04 pm · 2 comments

Microsoft’s Android Emulator Now a Standalone Download

Late last year, Microsoft launched an Android emulator several times faster than the stock one, but it required developers to download the entire visual studio bundle. However, last week the emulator became available as a standalone download, and works with both Android Studio as well as Eclipse.

· 7/29 · 0 comments

Google+ v6.0 APK Download

It's Wednesday, and that means Google app updates. Today sees Google+ receiving a minor upgrade to version 6.0, which brings with it a host of delightful animations, and highly optimizes the scrolling experience within your stream.

· 7/20 · 0 comments

Crapcons Icon Pack Update

Crafted with care using Paint, Crapcons icon pack has received a massive update that adds 160 new icons and 5 new wallpapers in addition to a host of bug fixes, pushing the total count to over 2700 crap-inspired icons and 40 wallpapers.

· 7/20 · 0 comments

Pride Icon Pack

Packing over 300 individually created icons, Pride brings a marvelous look to your device in the form of flat-inspired icons with a gradient twist applied to them, in addition to a bunch of beautiful wallpapers to match. The pack is free to download on Google Play, and includes an icon request tool for unthemed apps.

· 7/10 · 1 comment

SciFi Theme for CM12

SciFi for CM12 aims to bring a complete futuristic overhaul to your device, in the form of glowing blue UI elements, looking like something straight out of a science fiction movie, and is available in Lite and Pro versions, with varying degrees of styling, and covers a large number of apps and system elements.

· 7/20 at 10:17 am · 4 comments

Yureka Plus Announced with Better Screen and Camera

After launching the Yureka and Yuphoria in partnership with Cyanogen Inc, Yu has gone on to announce the Yureka Plus, which brings a 1080p display and a 13 megapixel Sony IMX214 while otherwise maintaining the original Yureka's specs. The device is available via Amazon India, and is priced at Rs. 9999 (around $155).

· 7/10 at 01:59 pm · 2 comments

HTC M9 Developer Edition 5.1 RUU Now Available

Android 5.1 hit the HTC M9 Developer Edition recently, and HTC has gone ahead and uploaded the Rom Update Utility (RUU) for the update. The file weighs in at 2GB, and allows users to quickly and easily get their device back to stock, wiping the apps and user data in the process.

· 7/9 at 01:58 pm · 7 comments

Sony’s My Xperia Protection Causes Devices to “Malfunction”

Smartphone theft protection and security has become a serious concern as of late, with numerous official solutions such as Google Device Manager arising in addition to third-party ones like Cerberus and Comodo. One such official solution is Sony's My Xperia app, which functions similarly to Device Manager, allowing you to locate, lock, factory reset or ring your device. However, all is not well with Sony's Theft Protection, as it has recently come to light that using the service prevents users...

· 7/9 at 10:51 am · 70 comments

Windows 7 Installation Achieved on Asus Zenfone 2

Android as a platform has always been about its open source nature and the freedom it provides to the end user. From simple modifications like icon packs to more extreme ones like the MultiROM project, each passing day sees the community produce something new, something wonderful that further enforces the platform's openness. In what can only be deemed a project deep into the extreme end of the modding spectrum, XDA Senior Member ycavan took to the forums earlier today to...

· 7/8 · 1 comment

Paradox CM12 Theme

Paradox is a beautifully crafted theme for CM12/12.1 based ROMs by XDA Senior Member zTweaked that brings an elegant gray and orange color scheme to your device. The theme is free to download, and extensively themes a large number of apps and system elements.

· 7/5 · 8 comments

Flinx CM12 Theme

Flinx is a beautifully crafted theme by XDA Senior Member Faaiz Puthawala that brings a dark UI and a host of colorful eye-catching icons to your device. Theming almost every component of the systemand packing over 200 icons, Flinx is free to download and works with any CM12/12.1 based ROM.

· 7/6 at 12:00 pm · 6 comments

Material Theme for Samsung Hits 570k Downloads in a Day

The latest version of Touchwiz brought along with it a feature called Theme Store that allowed users to pick themes that suited their style. Given Touchwiz' poor performance in aesthetics, Samer Zayer made a beautifully crafted Material Design theme, which went on to receive over 570,000 downloads in a single day.

· 7/6 at 11:15 am · 21 comments

Leaked Video Shows Off Note 5 Design

It's been a while since Samsung announced the S series flagships for 2015, and expectant heads now turn towards the second half of the year, which is expected to bring the Note flagship with it. A leaked video earlier today has revealed the design of the Note 5, looking somewhat like the S6 itself.

· 7/3 at 06:30 am · 1 comment

John Legere Responds to Outburst, Teases Announcement

In light of Sprint's CEO taking to Twitter to speak out against T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the latter held a Periscope session earlier today, in which he went on to dismiss the rant, revealed that something big and fantastic was coming to T-Mobile next week, and that Apple Music is coming to Music Freedom soon.