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· 12/24 at 11:30 pm · 7 comments

Turn Your Camera Into a Live Puzzle Game

The classic sliding puzzle game hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the years. Dating all the way back to 1880 with the first sliding puzzle game dubbed the Fifteen puzzle, its only ‘advancement’ has seemingly been making its way onto the computer screen with a convenient reset button. The core mechanic of the game has stayed the same throughout the years, being able to slide tiles along certain routes to end up with a final configuration--perhaps a picture, or a...

· 12/22 at 04:00 pm · 8 comments

Easily Generate and Export Material Design Palletes

For many people, it can be pretty difficult to create a palette of complementary colors. That said, having one available can be quite useful when creating an application, theme, wallpaper, or any kind of  concept. Choosing the right shades of colors for the different elements of your work isn't easy, so unless you’re a gifted designer, you’re probably going to need a bit of help. This is where Material Palette comes in. Material Palette is a website launched by German coder...

· 12/21 at 05:30 pm · 15 comments

Now Gesture Tweaks Replaces Google Now with Custom Action

On most modern Android devices with software navigation keys, swiping up from the bottom of the screen launches Google Now. And for those devices with hardware navigation buttons, long pressing on the home button accomplishes the same task. With no native settings in Android to change the action to anything else, these convenient gestures remain untouched and unused on many devices. So until Google finally realizes that not everyone cares for or uses Google Now--at least not enough to warrant...

· 12/21 at 01:30 pm · 8 comments

ToqAN Fixes Android 5.0 Notification Bug on Qualcomm Toq

The Qualcomm Toq is probably one of the lesser known smartwatches on the market right now. This can probably be attributed to the fact that device was a proof-of-concept device built by Qualcomm that was meant to encourage other OEMs to take up Mirasol displays for their own smartwatches, and that it was available for sale in only limited quantities. Its standout feature, as you may have guessed, is its Mirasol display, which is comparable to e-ink displays on wearables...

· 12/21 at 04:00 am · 11 comments

Set Up Your MediaTek Device with Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

As can be seen with the use of MediaTek chips in Android One devices such as the Micromax Canvas A1 and phones from Meizu and Lenovo such as the MX4 and Vibe X2 respectively, devices with MediaTek processors are aplenty in the Android market. Despite a stigma of not being developer friendly or adhering to GPLv2 requirements, recent strides have been made by MediaTek to change this reputation, evidenced by their sponsorship of XDA:DevCon ’14, and releasing the full kernel...

· 12/20 at 04:30 pm · 30 comments

Stop Your Screen From Turning Off with KeepItOn

We all know the feeling of reading a news article or rather long document, when our screen suddenly turns off after a minute or two. This can be extremely annoying when you’ve found yourself a perfectly comfortable position while lying in bed. You're then forced to stretch out that finger to reach the power button and unlock your device. Of course, you can change the sleep settings to a longer period of time, but this is hardly an effective solution. In situations...

· 12/20 at 11:00 am · 12 comments

Major Update for the Sony Smartwatch 2 Brings DND and More

With the wearables landscape now dominated by Android Wear and Pebble, it’s understandable if it seems that other wearable devices have faded into the background, and perhaps even forgotten. And with Sony pushing their newest smartwatch, the Smartwatch 3, which runs Android Wear, the Smartwatch 2 and its Sony-developed OS seem to have been put on the back burner. No updates for the device in the last few months certainly makes it seem this way. But it looks like the...

· 12/19 at 05:30 pm · 9 comments

Github Tutorial App Shows You How to Use… Github

Github can get pretty complicated and using it can become quite daunting, especially for a rookie who’s just getting started. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there aren't too many ways around it in the community-driven open-source development world, particularly if you want to compile a custom recovery, or a ROM or something else from source. So to help you out with all the ins and outs of Github, XDA Recognized Contributor and Themer Vivek_Neel created a Github Tutorial app. Github Tutorial, unlike...

· 12/19 at 01:30 pm · 22 comments

Google Glass-like Clip-On For Regular Glasses Developed by Sony

For the price of $2,000, a pair of glasses that can run apps, take pictures, and function a mini-computer should at least come with a nice designer frame--maybe something Ray-Ban, Gucci, or Persol. But, no. Forking over that amount of money for Google Glass gets you a cyborg headpiece that can do what your phone does. Sure, you can pay extra money for a limited selection of alternate frames, but wouldn't it be nice if you could keep your own...

· 12/19 at 06:30 am · 8 comments

Google Invites Selected Devs to Buy Project Tango Development Kit

Just about a month ago, the curious Project Tango development kit was officially listed as available in the Google Play Store. To much confusion however, it wasn’t available for purchase unless you registered for the device development kit at I/O. And if you did register, you were able to purchase the kit for a hefty price of $1,024 US. Well, now it looks like Google’s opening the gates just a little bit by inviting selected developers to purchase the kit....

· 12/17 at 11:00 pm · 23 comments

Double Tap to Wake on the Nexus 6 Without Root

A few weeks ago, we featured an app which allowed the Nexus 6 to regain the double tap to wake functionality. Originally planned to have this feature, Google killed it off just before the Nexus 6’s release, as evidenced in its device-specific source code. However, Nexus 6 owners with root access were able to load the aforementioned app and regain the removed functionality. Unfortunately, this meant that folks who hadn't rooted their devices would miss out. Now, an alternate solution...

· 12/17 at 06:30 pm · 11 comments

Make Your Own Heat Sink for the LG Optimus 4X HD

It’s not a rare occurrence that performing a resource heavy task on your Android device (e.g. playing a game or multitasking heavily) results in the back of your device getting quite hot due to the heat being generated by the CPU. And without proper or adequate heat distribution, this heat will be most prominent at a certain area of your device’s rear. Strong heat is not the only downside of a hot CPU however, as it can also result in...

· 12/16 at 02:00 pm · 4 comments

MultiROM Available on the Sony Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia ZL was released back in April 2013 alongside the more well-known flagship Xperia Z, and the ZL featured almost identical specifications to its sibling. Since then, it has received Android 4.3 and then 4.4 earlier this year from Sony, as well as strong aftermarket support, as can be seen with the development of useful features such as ROMswitcher. And now, we can add MultiROM to this list of accomplishments for the Xperia ZL as well. Thanks to the...

· 12/16 at 04:00 am · 3 comments

Sony SmartEyeglass SDK Update Brings Artificial Reality Rendering API

We’ve all heard of Google Glass, the spectacle wearable that just until recently, we all believed was only possible in sci-fi movies. However, a very similar prototype has also been worked on by Sony called SmartEyeglass, which looks like a bulky pair of swimming goggles fitted with a 3 megapixel camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, microphone, brightness sensor, and hefty battery pack. Needless to say, it’s not as sleek or chic as Google Glass, but kudos goes to Sony for exploring...

· 12/15 at 02:30 pm · 5 comments

Restore Your Softbricked Moto G after Lollipop Update

Being one of the handful of devices released by when Motorola was still owned by Google, the Moto G has finally been updated to Android 5.0 in the past week through an OTA update and an update leak. As Moto G users are installing and experiencing Lollipop, it’s inevitable that some issues would occur, such as a softbrick, especially with the different variants of the device. So, if you’ve managed to get your Moto G softbricked after updating it, a...