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· 5/13 at 08:00 am · 24 comments

Device Review: YU Yureka

In January of this year, YU, a new brand coming out of the Indian manufacturer Micromax, released their very first device in collaboration with Cyanogen, Inc., the Yureka. In terms of specifications, the Yureka is what I would call mid-range. Here's a list of the details though, in case you're not familiar with them:       CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 1.5Ghz Octa-core 64-bit GPU: Adrena 405 GPU Memory: 2GB DDR3 Storage: 16GB ROM, MicroSD card slot (up to 32Gb) Camera: 13MP...

· 11/1 at 06:00 am · 8 comments

Device Review: Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses

Over the last few years, the world of wearables has truly gone from fantasy to reality. With the advent of devices like Google Glass, Android Wear, and the bevy of available fitness trackers, the mainstream is becoming more aware and interested in wearables. Epson took note of this trend as far back as 2011, when they released the Moverio BT-100 smart glasses, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a hit. In many ways you might say it was before its time. Well...

· 8/16 at 07:30 pm · 47 comments

Device Review: Nvidia SHIELD Tablet

A little over a year ago, Nvidia decided to change the game--literally. The Nvidia SHIELD Portable was announced, released, and was very well received. Here we are, shortly following the announcement of a new, and epic, generation of mobile device processors, and Nvidia has officially released their next SHIELD installment, the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet. Hardware One of the chief complaints we saw with the original SHIELD Portable was the screen size and resolution. A 5” screen with 720p resolution was usable for...

· 7/16 at 06:00 am · 36 comments

Device Review: LG G3

The LG G3 was announced at the end of May, and has just recently started reaching more general availability. This device builds upon the popularity of the previously released G2 from last year, bringing along with it a few key upgrades. But are those upgrades worth the price? Let’s find out. (more…)

· 5/28 at 08:00 am · 6 comments

Device Review: YotaPhone, a Dual-Screen Phone and e-Reader

Once in a while, a device comes along that throws convention against the wall and tries something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. With that in mind and as you can tell from the title, we're going to talk a bit today about the YotaPhone from Yota Devices. Yota, a Russian mobile broadband provider, started making devices back in 2011, but focused heavily on wireless modems and routers. And then in December 2012, they unveiled their first smartphone, the YotaPhone. (more…)

· 12/18 at 12:30 pm · 15 comments

Device Review: Oppo N1

It’s been a little over a year since Oppo made its entry into the smartphone market with devices like the Oppo Find 5. Previous devices have been very well received and reviewed. Can we say the same of their newest offering, the Oppo N1? Check out the video review or keep reading to find out. (more…)

· 11/20 at 12:30 pm · 37 comments

Device Review: Google Nexus 5

2pm Eastern time, October 31st, 2013 -- Google flips the switch, and the Nexus 5 goes live on the Google Play store. Within minutes, all of the available variants (16 and 32 GB models, in both black and white) are backordered, with ship dates weeks or months out. Somehow, I managed to get my order in. I can’t recall whether it was someone posting about it on Google+ or a passing comment on Twitter that alerted me to the sale,...

· 8/7 at 12:30 pm · 22 comments

Device Review: Nvidia SHIELD

Back in January, I was lucky enough to be asked to represent XDA at CES. In my experience, one of the most exciting things unveiled at this year’s CES was the Nvidia's “Project SHIELD.” Here we are, just over six months later, and SHIELD is no longer a “Project,” but a full-fledged, consumer-ready device. In the middle of June, I ended up with a SHIELD in my hands, direct from the people at Nvidia. We were given a demonstration, allowed...

· 3/30 at 12:00 pm · 26 comments

Device Review: HTC Droid DNA

FIRST!1!!1!!!one!eleventy!! -- A commonly found YouTube comment Once every generation or so, a device gets to make this same proclamation: first to get a new processor, first to get more RAM, first to get a better camera. This generation, one of the key features appears to be screen resolution and, at least in North America, the HTC Droid DNA claims the prize of "first" device with a 1080p display. Of course, the Droid DNA is not just another pretty face. It...