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Get Your Ball On With Blobby Volleyball

The number of quality Android games has slowly been increasing and here is a new one from developers and XDA members AppsOn. Blobby Volleyball is a great volleyball game with dynamic gameplay and friendly controls. Features of the game include: Versus Mode - three levels of difficulty bots. Angry Mode - try to score as many points as you can with angry bot without losing a point. Mirror Mode - try to score as many points as you can controlling...

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Keep Up Your Firmware Up To Date With Check Fus 2.0

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S and are fed up of having to check for firmware updates on Kies, XDA Senior member LuffarJoh has made a little tool to do this for you. Check FUS 2.0 checks if there is any new firmware on the FUS servers, so you don't have to start Kies in order to find out. The app finds your 'Product Code' and 'HIDSWVER' plus many other features and should work on any Samsung Device running Android. For...

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TWRP Installer For Kindle Fire

If you own a Kindle Fire and want a tool for installing TWRP, look no further. XDA Senior member Vashypooh has written a Windows utility to do just that. Once you have the custom recovery that is TeamWinRecoveryProject (or TWRP for short), you can flash anything that you want and get permanent root access. The tool requires BurritoRoot and does the following things: Resets ADB root with BurritoRoot Auto download and install TWRP Recovery + FireFireFire Additionally the Installer does come...

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Get Reminded Of Messages And Missed Calls With Phone Notifier

If you find yourself missing messages and missed calls, you might want to take a look at XDA Senior member barito's new Android application. Phone Notifier is configurable for sound, repeat intervals, repeat counts, vibration and LED colour. Additionally the app lets you set the instant of the remind ends - via a maximum number of repeats or when the screen comes on, or the device becomes unlocked etc. The application and the associated services are only executed when an...

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Nova Launcher Beta (ICS-based) for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For those of you wishing to try an alternative ICS based launcher, take a look at XDA Senior member kevin@TeslaCoil's latest offering. Nova Launcher is a launcher replacement based on the stock ICS Launcher and hence will only run on phones already running ICS. Nova Launcher can install alongside the stock launcher and should work on any ICS ROM. However, in order for the widgets-in-drawer feature to work it must be installed as a system app. Features include: Custom grid...

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CleanTOOL – The Relentless Pursuit of Clean!

Owners of the HTC Rezound who want to clean up the bloat on their Android devices should check out CleanTOOL - a script written by XDA Recognised Developer scrosler. The script uses temp root to disable most bloat and the bloat will not come back on reboot. Note that the bloat will come back upon hard reset. Of course, since not all the bloat that the script removes may be considered bloatware by everyone, the dev has helpfully detailed how to modify...

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Benchmark Your Android Device With M3D Benchmark

If you are interested in understanding how much your Android device can handle 3D games and apps, take a look at the M3D Benchmark application posted by XDA forum member sadegh1993. Developed by knight93, the Benchmark is created with the Unity 3D game engine and is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 showing that your device can handle advanced rendering techniques such as rendering bump maps. The XDA member would like some help from XDA members to submit your average FPS and also your...

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Five Themes For Your Android MMS

If you fancy a change from the standard MMS colours and layout on your Samsung Galaxy S II device, take a look at this pre-themed MMS apk posted by XDA Senior member gh.rohit. The XDA forum member liked the themes so much that he extracted the app from a ROM, so credit goes to XDA Recognised Developer Crysis21. The app contains the stock theme plus four new ones. To install, backup your existing MMS.apk from Root Explorer by renaming it to mms.apk.bak, copy...

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Use Your Xperia Play GamePad On the OnLive Service With OnLive Helper

Xperia Play owners who want to be able to use the gamepad to play games using the OnLive Service should check out OnLive Helper  by XDA Senior Member hatcyl. The app should however work with any phone (not just the Xperia Play) and users can create their own custom profiles or use community created ones. No root is required, and to enable the app, you must change the Input Method Service to 'OnLive Helper'. Users can have the input method screen...

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Make Your Makes With JotPad On Your WP7

If you've found yourself short of a pen and paper when you're out and about and need to jot down an idea, then you might be interested in XDA forum member Timerever's Windows Phone 7 app, JotPad. JotPad is your mobile notepad and let's you jot anything down at any time. Features include Live Tile and multitouch support, as well as various colours and image backgrounds. Jotpad also supports 'shake to clear', friendlier application bar icons so that you can see...

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PDroid – The Better Privacy Protection

If you're the sort of of person that is concerned about access to your private data when downloading and installing applications on your Android device, be it from the official Andorid Market or not, you might be interested in XDA forum member svyat's application. PDroid allows control over access for any installed application to your private data. This includes: Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN) Subscriber ID (IMSI) SIM Serial (ICCID) Phone and mailbox number Incoming call number Outgoing call number GPS location...

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Supreme Shortcuts for Your Windows Phone 7

If you want to be able to access your stock applications quickly from your Windows Phone 7, check out Supreme Shortcuts by XDA forum member MJCS. Supreme Shortcuts is an application that allows you to pin shortcuts to most options in the settings page on the Start Screen. The current list of stock applications available on the app includes: Internet Sharing Brightness Cellular Calculator About Date Time Lock Keyboard Messaging Calling Calendar Email Compose Accounts Flight Mode WiFi Speech Zune...

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Paint By Numbers With GriddlerCraft

Like puzzle games? Like paint by numbers? Now you can do this on your Windows Phone 7 courtesy of XDA forum member Ablazen. GriddleCarft is the most comfortable to play paint by numbers game on your Windows Phone. Solving one puzzle after another restoring 12 Japanese paintings of the Edo period. Use numbers given at the side of the game field to reveal erased from old age picture parts. Key features include: Comfortable to play on mobile screen Storyline Simple to...

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Protect Your Data With Wifi Protector Wireless Security

For those of you who are worried about certain tools that sniff your data and prevent you from accessing a wifi network, you can defend yourself with this simple app from XDA forum member gurkedev. Wifi Protector is an Android security app especially designed to detect and prevent ARP poisoning attacks against your phone in Wifi networks. The app runs a service on your Android device that continuously monitors network-related parameters. When abnormal behaviour is detected, an alarm is triggered....

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Monitor EeePad Internal and Dock Battery With Dual Battery Widget

EeePad Transformer owners who want to be able to monitor both the internal tablet and dock batteries can do so with XDA Senior Member Flexer's Dual Battery Widget. The app has received significant updates since the last time we spoke about it. The widget displays the status for the internal and secondary batteries in the EeePad dock station. For devices other than the EeePad Transformer, the widget will only show the main battery icon.  The widget is resizable and can...