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· 10/1 at 12:00 am · 37 comments

Game Changers – HTC Kaiser

The HTC Kaiser. Before I could get it, I remember I wanted it. I used to keep looking at the full specifications' page at gsmarena and staring at the specs of it in utter disbelief. It was aesthetically pleasing, it had an awesome camera, and it had a slide out keyboard. And if that wasn't enough the screen tilted upwards. This feature was a major selling point of the phone. The first rumours of the handset arrived late 2006. Whispers...

· 9/19 at 11:01 am · 12 comments

Game Changers – HTC Home

The recent XDA TV article by Azrienoch & cajunflavouredbob reminded me of the old days, when the HTC logo looked like this. Because of this, I was reminded of some of the old things released that really changed how we use and view our devices and also changed what we came to expect from the device manufacturers. The first game changer I want to look at is HTC Home. This was the first incarnation of what would eventually come to...

· 8/3 at 03:00 pm · 1 comment

Gingerbread Update for the X10 Rolling Out

To some of you this is old news, but to the rest, its brilliant news. The Gingerbread update (2.3.3) update started rolling out to certain devices on Friday and they hope to have it finished this coming Friday. As far as what it contains, here is a snippet from the Sony Ericsson Product Blog. As said in March most of the 2011 XperiaTM software functionality from e.g. XperiaTM arc will be included. The UI with the desktop layout and pinch-to-overview gesture will be similar and Gingerbread...

· 3/25 at 10:04 am · 3 comments

Xperia X10 to Get Official Gingerbread

The latest official news from SonyEricsson is something a lot of users are going to love. The Xperia X10 will be getting an official Gingerbread update. A surprise post on the product blog by Rikard Skogberg states they have decided to bring the X10 in line with their upcoming range of android based smartphones by giving it 2.3.3.  Furthermore, he states that the reason they have decided this is because of consumers' requests and the development of the software for...

· 3/26 at 07:56 am · 105 comments

HTC Clock for Windows 7 Sidebar

To those of you who have been members for a long time, this may comes as a bit of old news, but since i had never seen it before then i thought there's probably a good amount of XDA members who haven't. As i was scanning for sidebar gadgets for windows 7 I saw a familiar sight and jumped to install it. If you really enjoy the HTC-style clock present in Sense, you can now have that look in your Windows 7  or Vista sidebar. Continue on...

· 3/10 at 02:10 pm · 15 comments

A Useful Way To Build CABS With Linux

User dj13241 has posted a guide on how to build cab files with Linux. This is a very useful tool for those of you who prefer to use open source operating systems, but are forced to use windows to make applications for their phone. Originally posted by dj13241 I have a Linux server running at my home that I use mostly for file storage among other things (like an Asterisk PBX).  I keep ALL of my code on my server...

· 3/3 at 03:03 pm · 11 comments

Windows Phone 7 Skin

XDA user LeSScro has made a Wisbar Advance Desktop 2.xx skin to mimic the features of Windows Phone 7 Series, it contains features such as: Stocks, Meteo, Multimedia functions (radio, podcast and streaming) Originally posted by LeSScro New people panel with scroll contact New streaming button in Music+video Not in video but new thumbcal SKIN New Action image to Stocks Exchange during Update Demo of Pictures button Fix some missing slide in "Today page" There is a video of the...

· 2/23 at 03:02 pm · 21 comments

CarPal Beta Released

Monitor maintenance for several cars with auto-reminders: DarkDvr has released an application that lets you know when its time to perform maintenance on your car. Like checking wiper blades and re-filing radiator water. The best part of this tool is that you can set how many miles you drive per day, this will allow the app to predict what the odometer shows you when the task needs to be done. Originally posted by DarkDvr Features: Works with any "decent" resolution (Q|VGA, W|VGA, landscape +...

· 2/18 at 02:29 pm · 34 comments

WiMoBlue Pre Alpha Released

Have you ever used an emulator on you phone for games, haven't you ever thought that using an older device to control the emulator would be too good to be true? Well it's not. XDA user SciLor has got a pre alpha release on WiMoBlue. It's an app that  lets you control a Windows device with another device by using Bluetooth the only prerequisite seems to be widcomm Bluetooth For more information visit Scilor's thread.

· 2/16 at 02:35 am · 3 comments

Handy Theft Protection Software

XDA-Developers user  popol256 has created an application that goes a long way to prevent the theft of personal information if your phone gets stolen. This app is easy to use ad isn't a very large file. Most of this kind of utility aren't free or they rather large after installation, this one doesn't even need .NETCF, its written in open C++ source all for free. Its features include Remote wiping of the device (Call history, emails, text messages, contacts and more) Get the call history and...

· 2/14 at 01:51 pm · 119 comments

Power Radio – FM Player with RDS Decoding

6Fg8 has created Power Radio. Her introduction says everything you'll need to know: Why PowerRadio? The built-im FM player - at least on HTC HD - misses many features i'd like to have in a FM radio. PowerRadio delivers many data available via RDS which would otherwise be invisible to the listener. Here are just a few examples: Radiotext: contains information broadcast by the respective station. What you get here totally depens on the broadcaster. You might see title and...

· 2/12 at 01:12 pm · 4 comments

iAgenda Updated

iAgenda is a finger-friendly appointments and tasks viewer. It's easily skinnable, intuitive, and can be used instead of the standard Windows Mobile Pocket Outlook Calendar. And since the old developer has seemingly hung up his apron, ajige has decided to continue its development. It is based on iContact (supbro version) source code and its main features include all appointments all tasks agenda view (today's appointments and tasks) iContact link search calendar poup Click on to download the old version. Click...

· 2/12 at 01:08 pm · 8 comments

Max Manila 2.5 – Updated to beta 2.82a

Max Manila has just been updated to a new version which has a lot of new bug fixes. This time though its available for two different versions of manila: - v2.82 for Manila 2.5 (v2.51922xxx) - v2.8 for Manila 2.5 (v2.5.1922xxx). The changes made include Completely fixed the vertical scrolling where you accidentally triggered the default clock scroll which is causing sometimes your screen not align properly when you scroll it back down. Appointments is now tied to the manila...

· 1/16 at 07:37 pm · 13 comments

Max Manila 2.5 Ultimate 2.7 Beta Released

Max Manila 2.5 is a customization tool for TouchFLO 3D on WVGA and VGA devices. It lets you alter the look and fell of TouchFLO 3D to suit your needs and to fit your personality. Its features include eight different clock types and the possibly of having an Android-like analogue clock face on the home screen, 12, 16 or 20 short-cuts and panoramic wallpapers to name but a few. The only real drawback is it wont work on older ToucgFLO...