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· 6/8 at 04:46 pm · 93 comments

Privacy War – Shots Fired by Apple at WWDC

The battle between users and companies over privacy is getting pretty hot. Only a couple of weeks ago, at Google I/O, we were hearing how Android "M" would add optional permissions to Android (one of the most sought-after features on the platform for several years). Indeed, this is something which originated on the iOS platform, and which Google has had in the works for some time now. Nonetheless, Apple has been hitting headlines recently, with Tim Cook launching a rather...

· 5/28 at 05:52 pm · 30 comments

Devs Beware – Automatic Backup Privacy Risks

One new feature of "Android M" (speculation on potential names welcomed on the back of a postcard) which gained little attention at Google I/O so far was the introduction of a new, automatic backup feature for application data. Obviously, it's still early days yet, though you can download the developer preview (if you're brave!), so we can't be sure of the final implementation, but there are a few gotchas here that developers should be aware of. Automation The first is...

· 5/7 at 03:40 pm · 137 comments

Cyngn to Leech User Contacts to Truecaller

Update - Steve Kondik of Cyngn made a reply on Google+ following this article. Unfortunately he fails to in any way address the fact the service he has chosen to integrate uploads other people's data, instead choosing to focus on the consent request process. Their user opt-in process is immaterial, since people whose data is uploaded won't get to see that consent message - the  app uploads other people's data without their consent.   Truecaller, a company many may not...

· 2/1 at 11:30 am · 64 comments

On the Risks of Your Data in the Cloud

It's not often I look at a product or service and say "I really hope this isn't real". It's time for a look at something which cropped up on my radar today, namely a service called FileThis. A quick search will find them, and their app on the Play Store and iTunes store. With the spread of the "cloud" ecosystem of endless venture-capital funded start-ups, all trying to make your life easier (often with business models that rely on selling...

· 1/31 at 02:08 pm · 8 comments

New AOSP Branch Details Potential Build System Upgrades?

While there are frequent unexplained changes and pushes to Google's AOSP repositories, an interesting-looking new branch has been pushed out recently, called "master-soong". Taking a look at the changes made to the manifest repository (which is used to specify the repositories to be downloaded when building Android), it appears there are some new repositories making an appearance. Of note here are new prebuilt repositories for Go, and Ninja. Go is a programming language, created by Google, which compiles to produce...

· 1/12 at 10:17 am · 89 comments

Fingerprint Authentication – Just a Plain Bad Idea

A growing number of smartphones are adding fingerprint reading hardware, to attempt to add a differentiating factor in an increasingly crowded marketplace, and to attempt to offer users more convenient security features. The Motorola Atrix 4G stole the show at CES 2011, as the first modern smartphone to feature a fingerprint reader (there were previous generation Windows Mobile devices with fingerprint readers but these were never general consumer products). Since then, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha 4G, iPhone 5s, HTC One...

· 12/24 at 05:00 pm · 27 comments

CM, Micromax and OnePlus – Sales Ban Lifted

It's less than a week since our recent in-depth analysis of the legal battle over the Indian market, with which Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus and Micromax are embroiled. In light of the holiday season, I shall keep this update short, but the Delhi High Court has today overturned the original sales ban imposed as a result of Micromax's legal petition, in an apparently early Christmas gift to OnePlus. The original court order against OnePlus, preventing it from selling its mobile phones,...

· 12/18 at 09:16 am · 261 comments

Cyngn, OnePlus, Micromax – The Legal Battle

Recently, a battle has been waging in India over the rights to distribute the commercial version of the CyanogenMod operating system. The court order from the recent case (where Micromax wanted to enforce their exclusivity agreement against OnePlus) has been released. The order, written by Justice Manmohan Singh, weighs in at 29 pages, and the contents prove rather interesting. Let's take a look through it. The documents are available for reference from this link. In a break with convention, I...

· 11/20 at 10:15 am · 57 comments

SuperSU BETA: Root Android Lollipop on Stock Kernel

Up until now, if you wanted to get root on Android 5.0, you needed to flash a modified kernel onto your device to work around some SELinux restrictions. XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire recently released the previously-necessary CF-Auto-Root package, which made the necessary kernel ramdisk modifications to remove SELinux restriction from the install-recovery.sh script on AOSP. This morning, however, Chainfire brought smiles to many faces, as he announced on Twitter that this would no longer be necessary going forward. (more…)

· 11/11 at 09:30 am · 34 comments

GNOME Foundation Seeks Support to Fight Groupon Trademark Attempt

While XDA normally focuses on mobile technology and development, on this occasion we bring you news from the wider Linux and free-software community. The GNOME project (which has existed for around 17 years or thereabouts) is a long term project, providing an open source Desktop Environment for Linux and Unix-like operating systems for some time. It's all open source, and it's all free to use and share. Despite being a major open source project, the GNOME Foundation are concerned by recent...

· 11/6 at 01:00 pm · 152 comments

Google’s AOSP QA Team MIA for Android Lollipop?

As the launch of Android Lollipop continues to dominate headlines, and developers settle down to take a look at the sources for Lollipop, I took a critical first look, from my own compiled AOSP sources, and came to the worrying conclusion that Google simply doesn't care about AOSP any more. Either that, or their own internal QA team has gotten lost somewhere in the Googleplex, unable to send a distress message out. Either way, the quality of the Android 5.0...

· 9/25 at 07:00 am · 6 comments

Attention all xda:devcon’ers – Devcon is landing shortly

It's now approaching the weekend of xda:devcon '14, XDA's second annual developer conference. This year the event is taking place in Manchester, United Kingdom. The venue is ready, the speakers are primed, and everyone here at XDA looks forward to welcoming you to the event. The team organising xda:devcon will be tweeting from the event using the dedicated devcon Twitter account.We suggest you follow it - word on the street is that this account will let you know of some...

· 9/8 at 01:00 pm · 6 comments

The XDA Pebble Developer Challenge Voting Has Begun!

Back in mid-late July (gosh, that seems a long time ago now!), we announced that we had paired up with Pebble to offer developers the opportunity to #MakeAwesomeHappen, and be in with the chance of winning a trip to Mountain View, CA, to meet up with Pebble at their Annual Developer Retreat. XDA and Pebble went through every single one of the proposals sent in by developers - we had a tough time selecting the finalists - but in the...

· 8/12 at 11:00 am · 49 comments

Our Trial of a Xiaomi Forum

XDA was originally a forum for the discussion of one particular model of HTC smartphone, more commonly known as the O2 XDA. Over time, more and more HTC devices were added, until XDA was the go-to place for Windows Mobile devices of all kinds. Eventually, a handful of non-HTC Windows Mobile devices were added. The turning point was the introduction of Android, and the plethora of devices which followed, and bring us to the XDA we know today. Part of the...

· 6/25 at 05:30 pm · 123 comments

A Closer Look at the User Interface Changes in Android L

With the curtain raised on Android L at Google I/O, we thought it was a good time to take a look at what we know about Android L, given the significant user interface changes we are all expecting and have seen. Without further ado, let's take a look at what changes in Android L that we have uncovered by digging in the updated Android design documentation. (more…)