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Free App Translation Help on XDA

A team of nearly a dozen volunteer Recognized Translators have offered their help in translating your project into a variety of languages. Whether you need help translating strings within your app or assistance with a localized Google Play description, the team can help.

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Blind Camera Comparison: Nexus 6 Beats iPhone 6 Plus

When asked to pick their favorite photo when presented with the same image taken with the Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, over 75% of respondents chose the Nexus 6 as the superior camera. Take a look at the samples and see if you agree.

· 9/25 at 11:00 am · 153 comments

XDA 2015 Forum Redesign Now Live!

We've been working for a full six months, and today our forum redesign goes live. We'll still be working through small bugs over the next few weeks, but we're finally ready for prime time. The "2015" template is quantifiably faster and just all-around better than the old design. We've reduced unnecessary clutter, optimized the code, improve readability with proper levels of contrast, while taking some inspiration from the latest design trends such as Card UI and Material Design. The new...

· 8/19 at 12:00 pm · 10 comments

XDA App Now on BlackBerry – Easily Port APKs to BlackBerry 10 [Sponsored]

Over the years, we’ve gotten a stream of requests for the XDA Forum App on alternate platforms, including BlackBerry®. People certainly use a BlackBerry smartphone for work but also for play, and want access to the forums at all times. After taking time to look into the porting process, we realized how incredibly easy it would be. In reality, signing up for our developer account on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront took more time than the actual port! BlackBerry offers an SDK for building native...

· 3/27 at 04:00 pm · 3 comments

Add a Link to Your GitHub in Your XDA Profile

For those unfamiliar, GitHub is the most popular software repository, and it is used by a large portion of the XDA community for code management. We've added the ability for XDA users to add a link to their GitHub page in their profile. Just go to Edit Details in UserCP and add your GitHub username in the field towards the bottom of the page. Then, when someone clicks your name while in the forums, they can check out your work by hitting...

· 3/22 at 03:00 pm · 2 comments

Swappa Launches UK Market

As you might recall, we recently announced that XDA has made Swappa its official marketplace for buying and selling gently used mobile devices. You can login to Swappa with your XDA username, and you can even advertise a Swappa listing in your signature in the forums. One of the most common requests we heard was for Swappa to have local markets for other countries and not just the US. While anyone can use Swappa, regardless of country, shipping is more pricey for...