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· 6/7 at 12:30 pm · 15 comments

Device Overview: LG G4

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and LG G4, 2015 looks to be the year of great cameras on smartphones. Today we will be looking at the LG G4. At first glance, the device looks a lot like the G3 from last year. Add to that the slight curve on the display and you may think it’s the LG G Flex 2’s cousin. Ultimately, this is a device that packs a great set of features. These features are sure to...

· 5/21 at 02:15 pm · 32 comments

Device Review: No.1 X1 Rugged Smartphone

We are almost at the end of Q2 for 2015, and we have seen most of the flagship phones for the year already. While flagship phones usually offer bleeding-edge specs and are the most sought after phones, there is a huge market for non-flagship phones. Some offer value, others offer unique differentiating features. Today, we are going to look at the X1 phone by a Chinese company named N0.1. The company promises a truly rugged IP68 Certified phone. The device has a Quad...

· 3/18 at 06:00 am · 36 comments

Moto E 2nd Gen 2015 – Device Review

The year 2015 just started and the list of flagship devices that came out at Mobile World Congress 2015 this year is short. Motorola decided to release a little surprise at the same time in a new way. They sent a press conference in a box to the media. This was the unveiling of a little device called the Moto E Second Generation 2015. The Moto E 2nd Gen is, not surprisingly, a refresh of the original Moto E from...

· 11/5 at 06:00 am · 15 comments

Device Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the successor to Samsung's wildly popular Galaxy Note 2 and 3 phablet devices. The Note 3 was a giant-sized phone with a 5.7” screen display, with the Note 4 still sporting the same 5.7” display but with a higher QHD resolution. The Note 4 was released on October 17, with some US release dates lagging a bit depending on carrier. For this review, we will be looking at the T-Mobile variant, which did not have a delayed release. The internal hardware of...

· 10/8 at 06:00 am · 14 comments

Device Review: Blackphone BP1

When you hear about a phone that is secure and has the means to be give you control over your personal data, an Android device might not the first thing that comes to mind. Two companies, Geeksphone and Silent Circle, are working together to get you to associate PrivatOS (a customized version of Android 4.4.2) with security features. These are security features that you normally have to root your device in order to have. It will be exciting to see...

· 10/5 at 05:00 pm · 23 comments

Device Review: Moto 360

This year at I/O, Google announced its wearable effort, uniquely named Android Wear.  To help show they were serious they announced three Android Wear devices, but only two were immediately available. The last of the three announced devices was the Moto 360. Motorola, formerly Google owned, entered the game of wearables with a round smartwatch. This is truly the first circular display available to the public. This new form factor for wearable devices has had people from the Tech community...

· 8/20 at 09:00 am · 12 comments

Device Review: Samsung Gear Live

Recently, Google announced Android Wear to the world. Android Wear is the Android-based initiative from Google to standardize the world of wearable devices. This year at their I/O event, Google showed off two Android Wear devices: the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. Today, we will be reviewing the Samsung entry into the Android Wear market. The Samsung Gear Live is Samsung’s third mainstream smartwatch release, after the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2, and the first to sport Android...

· 7/30 at 06:00 am · 54 comments

Device Review: OnePlus One

Seemingly every day, there are a bunch of new devices being released. Some are budget devices and some are flagship devices. Naturally, there are budget conscious enthusiasts who would like to have both. Recently, a device has made a big splash in the tech industry, and is called by some as the Nexus killer. Then again, what’s not being (perhaps inaccurately) called a Nexus killer these days? This device is the first offering from OnePlus. Let dive in and see if...

· 7/2 at 06:00 am · 28 comments

Device Review: Sony Xperia Z2

The Xperia Z2 (D6503) is the successor to last year's Xperia Z1/Ultra/Z. The Z2 is Sony’s current flagship device, though rumors are starting to buzz about the Z3 already. If you are familiar with the Z1, you will be very comfortable with the Z2's design. The main thing you will like about the Z2 is that the Sony has fixed the viewing angle issues that plagued the Z1/Ultra/Z. The device sports a decently sized 5.2” display, with a now-average 1080p resolution, as...

· 5/8 at 07:00 am · 28 comments

Device Review: Oppo Find 7a

The Oppo Find 7a is the successor to Find 5, and the younger brother to the Find 7. The Find 5 was an amazing device with a 5” 1080P display, and the Find 7a is even bigger at 5.5”. The Find 7a was released to international markets in April 2014, and you can only buy the device from Oppo at this point. The Find 7 with the higher specs will be released in June this year. The internal hardware of the Find...

· 1/15 at 08:30 am · 19 comments

Device Review: Omate TrueSmart

The Omate TrueSmart 2.0 is a new contender in the smartwatch category of wearable tech. The great thing about the TrueSmart smartwatch 2.0 is that it’s shipping to KickStarter backers right now in the form of a developer edition, and has community support from Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and developers, such as Lokifish Marz, Dees Troy, Daniel Ortiz, and Kurt Huwig. At this time, production is ramping up and more units are ready to start shipping. The company recently...

· 12/24 at 11:00 am · 14 comments

Device Review: Google Glass XE 2.0

Google Glass XE 2.0 is the refresh of last year’s XE Glass hardware. The main difference here is that you can now use a micro USB mono headset to listen to your music and make or receive calls on the device. Google started to offer replacements to first gen owners so they can enjoy the updated units. Also, a select few had the opportunity to buy an additional set, a change from last year’s one unit per person. Unfortunately, the...

· 11/28 at 05:00 pm · 3 comments

Countdown to Your Favorite Events with this Simple Countdown App

Big events in life hold a strong meaning to us. And when we plan such events, we start counting the days and minutes. You may remember XDA Senior Member  MOST2K2's application APPoint. Now, he brings us another productivity tool---this time in the form of a simple, yet customizable countdown widget that can be placed on your home screens. As stated by the developer: A simple countdown widget to never miss an important meeting, birthday, vacation. You can add more than one event...

· 11/23 at 12:30 pm · 6 comments

UPDATED: Root the Oppo N1 Quickly and Easily

Update: To root your Oppo N1 simply and easily, please refer to this newer article. You really need to hold the Oppo N1 in your hands to fully understand the detail and design that Oppo crafted into this 5.9" device. Aside from the sheer size, the device features a unique camera system, as well as a very healthy corporate policy on aftermarket development. While obtaining the device in many countries is still somewhat of a challenge, XDA Senior Member Harfainx shared simple and easy tool...

· 11/13 at 03:30 pm · 7 comments

Nexus 7 Multi-Utility Updated with KitKat Screen Recording

The Google Nexus 5 was just released a few weeks ago, packing Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The Nexus 7 (2013) was released not that long ago, and officially received KitKat earlier today. KitKat brings a nice new feature that allows you to record the screen on your device. Previously, this required (paid) third party apps. And even then, many faced compatibility issues with certain SoCs and ROMs. The new feature has one major down side, though. You must be connected to...