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· 10/18 at 12:00 am · 104 comments

XDA Exclusive: Windows Phone 7 Review

With the first device launches around the corner, we thought we would give a review of the UI using the device we have. This is the same device but running the final RTM build. Microsoft also recently unlocked some features that were previously unavailable to those with devices such as: App Marketplace Xbox Live Zune Marketplace And a few others. So lets get this review started! The Home Screen When you boot up the phone (Takes about 20 seconds, will vary) you are greeted...

· 10/4 at 06:00 am · 243 comments

XDA Exclusive: Hands on With Windows Phone 7

As the launch date for Windows Phone 7 approaches, many of us are getting excited about the new OS Microsoft is bringing to the table. For this  story, we were able to get our hands on a Windows Phone 7 Test Device, thanks to our source. We will cover many topics such as Features, Speeds, and what to expect from Microsoft’s New Mobile OS. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Platform brings faster speeds to your phone due to the better hardware...