egzthunder1 · Jul 19, 2011 at 06:00 pm

Automate Your Home Via Android With QW Home Automation

We are living very digital lives were we have resorted on technology to do our… well, everything. We have universal remotes that can control every piece of electronic equipment in our house including our computer, tv, sound system, etc. There are also certain systems that will allow a home owner control lights, alarms, gates, and other not-so-tech features of our homes. What if we could have similar functionality with our Android devices? That is, what if you could use your phone to turn on your AC or your bedroom lights? XDA member weiqj brings us QW Home automation which is the answer to your needs. This is built upon the Insteon platform and supports a wide variety of dimmers, switches, and quite a few other devices and sensors. The app is still in development but the dev states that it is quite usable.

Please leave some feedback if you have this kind of system installed in your home.

QW Home Automation is a complete set of home automation solution. Currently it supports Insteon based lighting (dimmers, switches, remotes, lamp modules etc) and thermostats (Venstar).

You can find more information in the application thread.

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Google No Longer Sending Calendar SMS Notifications

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