New Relic & XDA One App Performance Monitoring [Sponsored]


A few months ago we posted about the incredible impact New Relic APM has had on our ability to debug web application processes on XDA, speeding the site and reducing server costs. As a result of our positive experience with the product, we decided to test New Relic Mobile with XDA One, our new app currently in alpha and available for download in the forums. While we have used other crash reporting software in the past, New Relic’s solution goes light years beyond basic logging of FCs. If you haven’t tried XDA One, go grab it (and help make it better by contributing to the code), as your data truly helps our development process.

Deploying New Relic was simple. Here’s the pull request with all change. . . READ ON »

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AirDroid 3 Beta Preview – Win a Year of AirDroid Premium! [Update]


Update!: We’ve chosen the winners of the contest. They are: petzku, Androidshek, mascaliente, damir1, nicopizza, dagoban, cretu01, JDLion, trusselo, mohfreestyl. These users will be contacted via XDA PM shortly with a code to unlock AirDroid premium. Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest, and thanks to AirDroid for the codes!

It’s the little things that make using convergence apps like Pushbullet and AirDroid so appealing. As I’ve been sitting here typing this article, I’ve gotten three text messages from my wife. My old workflow: hear annoying buzz, stop typing, pick up phone, unlock phone, click on notification, read message, reply, lock phone, put down p. . . READ ON »

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Google Helpouts on XDA

Helpouts on XDA

We believe in the power of the Internet forum for sharing information. Questions, answers, comments, and discussion on XDA are archived and searchable so future users can locate and learn from them. XDA Developers has become a valuable compendium of data and information, transforming “long-tail” searches to clear, concise answers.

We also know that sometimes users need more advanced assistance—a deeper, real-time discussion—and these types of conversations can be difficult on forums. With that in mind, we’re testing out a new partnership with Google Helpouts that will enable an entirely new type of communication on XDA. Google Helpouts makes it possible for you to connect to experts for on. . . READ ON »

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XDA and Leaseweb: Server Trial/Moto 360 Contest (Winners!)


About a month ago, we held a contest along with XDA’s host, Leaseweb, to give away a handful of server trials along with a Moto 360 (as the grand prize). To win, participants had to describe how they would use hosting services from Leaseweb as it relates to developing for Android. The best answer came from XDA Forum Member alireza7991, and he’s going to be getting a new Moto 360 as well as a free server trial.

Click “read on” to see his full response. Additionally, four other XDA Members will be getting a server trial because of their creative answers. Those four winners are ddggttff3, bassie1995, varun.chitre15, and MaR-V-iN. The winners will be contacted via PM with more det. . . READ ON »

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Forums Added for the Google Nexus 6 and Moto Droid Turbo

Google Nexus 6

Will today be the day of the Nexus and the official unveiling of Android L (possibly Licorice or Lollipop)? Quite a few people seem to think so. Just yesterday, we talked about how the Google Nexus 6 may possibly be unveiled today, alongside the rumored official release of Android L (and possibly the HTC-built Google Nexus 9). And now, we’ve gone ahead and added a forum for Google and Motorola’s upcoming whale of a device with our new forum for the Google Nexus 6.

The Google Nexus 6 is a device that needs no introduction. Google’s and Motorola’s upcoming flagship Shamu has been leaked so many times in the last few weeks, that we can nearly taste its large, 5.2″ (or 5.9″, depe. . . READ ON »

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Improvements to 10 Post Rule


Two years ago, we implemented a policy to help clean up development-related threads on XDA. This became known as the 10 Post Rule, and it effectively restricted new members from posting to any and all threads in development forums. If a new member tried to post in a development thread, he was told to go to that device’s Q&A forum and post there. There were some meaningful benefits to this system but also some significant drawbacks: it was confusing to new members and unnecessarily restricted certain new members who actually had something of value to add to the conversation. We also received many complaints from developers who *wanted* new users to be able to contribute to their threads.

Today we̵. . . READ ON »

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Welcome to the New XDA-Developers Portal!

XDA Portal 3.0

You may recall that a few weeks ago, we opened up the XDA-2015 forum themes to intrepid users willing to help us beta test the new look and experience the newer and more streamlined interface firsthand. Then just under one week ago, we officially launched the two new XDA 2015 forum themes for all. Now, we are pleased to launch the next generation of the XDA-Developers News Portal.

As you may have noticed, the new forum templates and the XDA Portal 3.0 share quite a bit in terms of visual style. Rather than having a somewhat disjoint experience between the forums and Portal, we wanted to combine the two as best we could and deliver a unified experience. As such, you will now see the same XDA-Develope. . . READ ON »


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XDA 2015 Forum Redesign Now Live!


We’ve been working for a full six months, and today our forum redesign goes live. We’ll still be working through small bugs over the next few weeks, but we’re finally ready for prime time. The “2015” template is quantifiably faster and just all-around better than the old design. We’ve reduced unnecessary clutter, optimized the code, improve readability with proper levels of contrast, while taking some inspiration from the latest design trends such as Card UI and Material Design. The new hovering top bar gives you fast access to search, notifications, mentions/quotes, and a list of your favorite forums. This bar will soon also show up here on the Portal when we launch . . . READ ON »

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Attention all xda:devcon’ers – Devcon is landing shortly


It’s now approaching the weekend of xda:devcon ’14, XDA’s second annual developer conference. This year the event is taking place in Manchester, United Kingdom. The venue is ready, the speakers are primed, and everyone here at XDA looks forward to welcoming you to the event.

The team organising xda:devcon will be tweeting from the event using the dedicated devcon Twitter account.We suggest you follow it – word on the street is that this account will let you know of some exclusive giveaways taking place throughout the weekend, only announced to this account’s Twitter followers!

The twitter hashtag for the event is #xdadevcon14 – the event team will be monitoring the . . . READ ON »


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Schedule is up for xda:devcon ’14


With xda:devcon ’14 just around the corner, and the venue close to selling out, there is a lot of excitement building here at XDA. We have some amazing things lined up, from over $10,000 in giveaways to an amazing group of sponsors. Add to that a fantastic line up of speakers presenting on everything from Wearables and IoT to Android OS Development to Alternative OS’s (like Jolla, Firefox and Ubuntu Touch), and WOW do have we a lot in store for you!

Our event staff have been working tirelessly to make sure that those attending get the most out of the event. With that in mind, we wanted to unveil our schedule for xda:devcon ’14.

Check-in at the Conference Center is available early on Friday, Septe. . . READ ON »

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And the Winners in the XDA Pebble Development Challenge Are…


Almost two months ago, we set out with Pebble to find three amazing apps/watch faces that developers would put together for the Pebble Watch. That contest came to a close last Friday, and while there were some really great entries who took the smartwatch and stretched it to its limits, the voting came down to three winners for the Grand Prize.

The XDA – Pebble Developer Challenge was a 3-week competition, and each person had the opportunity to pitch their proposal for the best app and bring it to life with a watch of their own. Of the 20 proposals that we selected for the second phase, the developers of the best three apps have been invited to attend the 2014 Pebble Developer Retreat in October. In addit. . . READ ON »

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XDA and LeaseWeb: Win Free Server Trial and Moto 360


As you might recall from a previous Behind the Scenes article we wrote, XDA’s complex server infrastructure is hosted by LeaseWeb. It is thanks to them that we’re able to keep our forums fast and reliable despite the huge volume of traffic we experience each day and the many terabytes of files and images we host. We were able to work with LeaseWeb to craft the ideal infrastructure to meet our needs.

We thought it would be a good idea to hold a contest for developers in need of some free servers, whether to help in building a cloud-based backend for a mobile app, to use as a buildserver (for the serious ROM developers out there), or just to host a website. All you have to do is fill out the form below with y. . . READ ON »

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Beta Test the XDA 2015 Forum Redesign!


We’ve been hard at work on a complete redesign of the XDA forums and Portal. We wanted to build something that was clean, modern, fast, and that could manage to include a lot of useful functionality without feeling cluttered. While we’re not finished with the new forum template, which we’re calling “XDA 2015″, we’re close enough such that XDA members that want to can use the new template and help us find bugs and other issues before we make it the default template for all users. To see the new forum template, make sure you’re logged in, and click this link. You can always go back to the previous 2013 template (or any of our styles) with the style-picker in the bottom le. . . READ ON »

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