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Changing Times at XDA-Developers!

Tonight,  as we say goodbye to Flar, we also say welcome to new Forum Admin, Mikechannon. Our new Forum Admin has made an announcement this evening introducing himself formally to those who do not know him (hard to miss him on the site!) as now being responsible for general forum administration and overseeing the Moderation team. Here is the announcement in full:

“Changing Times at XDA-Developers

Many of you will be aware that several new non-HTC forums have been created at XDA-Developers. These exciting new developments have been monitored and administered by Flar, our site Admin. Many of you will have dealt with Flar and seen her name linked with announcements and developments, but much of her work has been behind the scenes dealing with multiple questions and mail on a daily basis as well as ensuring a smooth running and efficient XDA.

Sadly, Flar, who has been with us for four years of incredible growth in membership, is leaving us on June 1st to take up new challenges of her own. In her Admin role she has worked most closely with the site owners and Moderators. Since January she has been working with new site owners to bring in many improvements, several of which are still to be rolled-out. Of the new owners she recently said “I’ve come to know them as great guys with wonderful plans for XDA, I’m sure they will do what’s best for the community and will make it even more of a success than it is now.”

I’m sure all of you will wish Flar a happy and prosperous future pursuing her new career. She has been a friend to the XDA community, unfailingly loyal and we will remember her key role in maintaining XDA as the world’s most popular and respected site of its kind. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have worked directly with her also know her to be a warm and friendly person and whilst being firm, never sparing with her wicked sense of humor!

The legacy of Flar’s time with us is an exciting one that has only just started on the road to changes and improvements here at XDA.. There is new look to the team,that splits Flar’s functions between multiple people and gives us a new model for administering the site:

User Experience Admin: Svetius (represents the site owners and manages all aspects of the user experience at XDA)

Portal Admin & Moderator: egzthunder1 (leads the News Writers and ensures the smooth running of the site Portal)

Forum Admin: Mikechannon (yes this is me! Responsible for general forum administration and overseeing the Moderation team)

So, as the new Forum Admin, a few words of introduction. I have been a member here for four years and arrived initially after buying the now old, but legendary HTC TyTN. What a journey it has been; from newbie to Admin, from discovery of the true potential of PDA phones to flashing, writing and distributing, dismantling guides for the technically able and curious. In my second year as a member I was accepted as a moderator and despite initial nervousness, came to love that role and the chances it brought to help create a real sense of community here. Now, here I am tasked with a new role as Forum Admin, supported initially by Flar and beginning to realise just how much background work there is to do.

These are exciting times at XDA and there are more changes planned and being actively developed. In my area, we are nearing the final stages of re-designing the system for appointing moderators, a system that will allow those actively helping other members to become involved at different levels. This builds on moves already made to achieve greater member participation by appointing the News Writers for the Portal.. The primary focus of changes in the moderator appointment and allocation system will be to provide better coverage of forums and create a more friendly and supportive atmosphere. Intolerance and “flaming” will not be tolerated in our campaign for a more user-friendly site.

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator for a particular forum, please keep your eyes on the About Us forum on June 2, when we will be posting further instructions and details about this new capacity at XDA.

BUT, if you think the site is all about new systems for this and that, then think again! This site is about you, the Membership. This is your community, you are expected to contribute in a positive way and in return, you should expect to enjoy your time here and get the answers you seek. We expect you to be polite and to follow the rules. Do not cause frustration by asking questions without searching for the answer first and don’t annoy others by making rude, unhelpful posts.

This is YOUR website, don’t abuse it.
Know the rules and follow them.
Contribute in the correct forums and
search before asking questions.

Forum Admin”

Please join the XDA forum members in saying thank you to Flar and congratulations to Mikechannon, as one era ends, another one begins leading us through new and exciting times at XDA!

To read Mikechannon’s full announcement, visit his post in the forum.

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