David Watt · Aug 12, 2012 at 01:00 pm

Copy and Paste Text Between Devices with ClipSync

Have you ever come across a website on your phone that you wanted to view on a larger screen? Ever sent an email to yourself in order to get information onto another device? Or do you just hate typing large amounts of text on your phone or tablet?

If so, XDA Member pwkip has developed an app that may just help. ClipSync allows you to copy and paste text between your Windows computer and your Android phone or tablet.

  • You can copy text from android to your PC by simply copying some text in android (Long press -> copy) and then pasting it in Windows (CTRL+V or right click -> paste)
  • You can copy text from your PC to android by simply copying some text in Windows (CTRL+C or right click -> copy) and then pasting it in Android (long press -> paste)

The system works by installing a small app on your phone or tablet, and a small server application on your computer. Each app runs in the background and monitors your clipboard. When content is detected, it’s then passed into the clipboard of all configured devices.

The application works over WiFi, and can be configured with a number of different devices all on the same network.  The app can also be configured with a number of ClipSync servers to allow you to easily switch between networks in the home or office.

If you think ClipSync is for you, head over to the app thread.

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David Watt

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