Ben Elliott · Feb 4, 2011 at 06:00 am

CopyCat Voice Changer App Arrives on Windows Phone 7

Among Android and iPhone users alike, voice changers are some of the most popular apps around. However, Windows Phone 7 is yet to see much love from developers of the recognised names of these apps – something which has luckily caused new developers to step in.

XDA forumer babyjustine‘s CopyCat application for WP7 is available in both ad-supported (but free) and premium (but ad-free) varieties. It features a simple layout, that is much in keeping with the general Windows Phone interface, but its list of features make it a must-have for many.

While also having its fun usages, CopyCat’s most useful purpose is as a voice recorder. The developer claims that there is unlimited recording and fast loading times, with a customisable playback speed with which to make funny voices.

To try CopyCat out, simply search for it in the Zune Marketplace. The application thread contains more information about its release.

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Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 30, 2015 at 03:39 pm · 1 comment

The Witcher Battle Arena: Hectic Multiplayer MOBA Fun

Do you like MOBAs? Do you like gaming on your phone? Given that MOBAs (multi player battle arenas) have amassed millions upon millions of players, there's a chance you play LoL or DOTA. And here at XDA we love phones, and we spend a lot of time on them, so if you were to like gaming outside of smartphones you probably like some on them too. I personally like neither, and I simply download the latest 3D games to see the progression...

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LG G4 Could Feature a… 3K Display?

According to myLGphones, a version of the LG G4 will not feature neither a 2K nor a 4K display - but 3K. If you are anything like me, your reaction to this news will be confusion. While we don't have many details about the sources of this leak, it has apparently been confirmed true by a poster at that gave some more details on model names for each version of the upcoming LG flagship. However, these leaks don't point towards all G4...

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What’s the Worst Android Phone You’ve Ever Owned?

All of us here at XDA appreciate just how far Android has come. The incredible flagships of today come packed with bleeding edge technology and are hard to complain about, but it wasn't always like this. Tell us about the worst Android phone you've ever owned, and what made it so dreadful.