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Easily Convert Video for WVGA Devices with Mp4ForHD

So, you bought a device with a WVGA screen, and you want to be able to play your favorite movies and home made videos using every last bit of this screen. However, most encoding apps are complex and cumbersome to use. XDA member jandre came up with a solution for this. The dev made a small PC application to convert video into the needed format for our devices.

The app was first released last year, but it has grown a lot, putting it currently in version 2.9f. The application now supports various formats for other devices as well, including HD (both full 1080 and 720). So, get ready to watch movies the way they were intended… in high quality and in the palm of your hand.

Two weeks ago I made a little application to convert any input video to MP4 compatible with our HD Touch HD.
At the beginning it was only for spanish people. It has been grown and now it’s a big aplication and I want to share it with english spoken people.

Version 2.9f:

  • Now you can choose audio track in VOB files and Dual audio AVI files.
  • Two new resolutions added: IPad and IPhone 4G
  • A few bugs solved in SmPlayer previews.
  • You can find more information in the application thread.

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