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Freshly Baked Custom Alerts/Rings

Enthusiast XDA member conantroutman started an interesting thread called “TroutTones”, where he will be posting different sets of ring-tones for your Windows Mobile/Android devices.
Audio files come in .wav format so audio quality is good. For the older ones, you´ll discover a nice set called “new wave”.
The creator is happy to receive requests from members. No doubt this original work will become very popular soon.

Originally posted by conantroutman
As the title says, here are some custom alert/ring sets that I knocked together for y’all to enjoy (Ihope)…..

If your tired of the usual generic sounds just extract the .zip’s and chuck the contents into your ringtones/alerts folder….

Each set contains 2/3 Rings and 3 matching alert tones, more to follow.
Happy to take requests…… (if possible)

You wont find these anywhere else……they’re straight out of the oven.
8 Bit (classic video game noises, c64 spectrum zx etc etc..)
Robot voice alerts
Fem. Vocal
Classic Synths

You can find more information in the ring-tones thread.

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