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Game Icy Splash for Android

XDA member angel_ik posted about this new game for Android called Icy Splash. You need to try to connect four scoop of ice-cream together to melt them. Do you think it麓s simple? Wrong! Because not only you have to break the scoop of ice-cream, you must also make sure you are able to do chain combos. Working on Android 2.2 and up and Adobe Air runtime is needed to play this game. On first install it may take some time to launch depending on your device.
The game can be found on the market for free.

Originally posted by angel_ik
[New Free Game] Icy Splash

Hello !

Icy Splash was greatly inspired by Puyo Puyo !
Rules in a nutshell :
Try to connect four scoop of ice-cream together to melt them. Pretty simple right? Wrong! Because not only do you have to break the scoop of ice-cream you must also make sure you are able to do chain combos !

You can find this game on Android Market !

Dont hesitate to test it and rate it 馃槈

Thank you !

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