egzthunder1 · Dec 6, 2010 at 03:12 pm

Gingerbread SDK Released Earlier Today

People seem to be getting more and more anxious about the upcoming update for Android. The good people at Google have released the Gingerbread SDK for devs to start playing with it. Threads have erupted throughout XDA as people feel that XDA devs will get working roms for each device within hours of the announcement. There were even rumors earlier today that the Nexus One would be getting an OTA, but those turned out to be false. In either case, excitement is building up as devs have already started getting their hands dirty with this new OS. There were lots (and I do mean lots) of rumors surrounding this new installment, but many of these seem to be reserved for Honeycomb, which will be the next version of Android, rumored to be out sometime next year.

Some of the biggest devices (in terms of user base) already have major talks regarding this and ports will definitely start coming out once the leaks start rolling in. So, please be patient… there will be Gingerbread for all soon enough.

You can find discussions about Gingerbread herehere, and in several other places throughout the site.

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Emil Kako · Mar 31, 2015 at 06:55 pm · 3 comments

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Xiaomi Finally Releases Kernel Sources

If you are familiar with Xiaomi, you might have heard that they are not the most compliant when it comes to the General Public License that makes the core of Android open to us. The terms of the GPLv2 state that since the Android kernel is based on the Linux kernel, which is licensed under GPL,v2 Android has to be open-source for everyone to study or modify, and those that modify the Android kernel have to make their sources immediately available for...

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Xiaomi Announces Redmi 2A and More for 5th Anniversary

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