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GroupVox Brings Facebook Oriented Push-to-Talk

In today’s world of mobile technology, push-to-talk is usually associated with quite an old technology no longer in use. Walkie talkies were among the earliest methods of quick and truly mobile communication dating back about 70 years, and we even saw a resurgence of that general type of communication with Sprint’s iDEN network. However, some would still like to use similar tools to get in touch whit people quickly, in order to send a quick message. There is a new application called GroupVox that brings back push-to-talk, and integrates it with Facebook.

Information on GroupVox posted by XDA Forum Member vit_ on behalf of the GroupVox team. What makes this app unique is that it’s among the first to bring Facebook integration to a walkie talkie-type application. Instead of creating an in-house friends list, the app is immediately available to all your friends on Facebook. Since Facebook Messenger leaves many running for cover, this could be a superior alternative for  short conversations. Some of the features include:

– Group voice chat for Facebook groups
– Send free text and photo messages to a friend or a group
– Listen to live voice chat stream or browse chat history on Facebook group page
– Available for iOS, Android and web

So for those still use Facebook, this could be a very useful new take on an old technology. If it looks like something you’d like to try, check out the application thread.

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