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HSPL2 for the T-Mobile HD2 Released

The T-Mobile HD2 is out in the USA and now we have the HSPL/HSPL2 tool available. From the author, Cotulla:

1) Install
To install this HSPL there must be any SPL version from this list on your device:
SPL 2.07.0000
SPL 2.08.0000

You can uninstall HSPL2 via two ways:
*Flashing ROM via SD card
*Using HSPL2 install application (You need select 2.08.0000 in the choose screen)

3) Disclaimer:
This product is free to use, but at your own risk. We take no
responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by
this unlocking procedure. No warranties of any kind are given.
We have tested our product on several devices and have not found any problems with it.

This HSPL2 designed only for T-Mobile USA HD2 with 1024 Mbytes ROM (1024LEO).
This version of HD2 have PB811200 ModelID.

Don’t forget that using this tool will void your warranty. Continue on to the application thread.

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